Second only to kitchens, bathrooms are the costliest spaces to renovate. In fact, the average nip and tuck sets homeowners back a handsome $17,908, according to Remodeling Magazine. Many end up paying closer to twice that amount. But do you have to spend so much to create a luxurious bathroom design? Not necessarily.

With a few clever adjustments, you can build a bathroom that looks and feels like it’s worth far more than you spent on it. The solutions are often quick, simple and easy to implement. So, without further ado, here are 10 design tips for a luxurious bathroom.

A Place to Perch

Step into the bathroom of any five-star accommodation and you’ll probably find it equipped with some sort of seating, be it a simple stool or a leathery ottoman.

Not only does it give your bathroom a grander, more elevated feel, but a chair can also add depth and dimension in an otherwise hard space. Raw wood and soft upholstery are a great way to balance things out. Of course, seating is also functional. Where else are you going to do your pedicure? The toilet seat?

Store and Stash

Your odds and ends look best contained. This includes sliding your soap bars into a dish or liquid wash into a glass dispenser. A tumbler with some metal accents is the perfect place for a toothbrush, while a darling box will keep your cotton swabs out of sight. Taking these steps will help your bathroom look neat, clean and classy.

Mirror, Mirror

As you may already know, mirrors are a useful way to increase the visual size of a space. But don’t settle for the typical contractor-grade panel from your local hardware store. A mirror with personality can act as the centerpiece of your bathroom. Look out for antique options and those with large designs and interesting shapes.

Beautiful Bathing

Has your bath seen better days? Does it lack a shower head? Well, it might be worth looking into bath replacement. Companies like American Vision Baths can improve the appearance and functionality of your space with their bath remodeling services. They can help with walk-in tubs, bath replacement, installing a shower unit and more.

Aside from affordability and convenience, you also benefit from mold-resistant materials that are easy to clean, which can go a long way in retaining the look of your bathroom in the long run. Don’t forget to place down a new bath mat. Turkish and Persian rugs are popular options thanks to the luxurious appearance of their tufted wool.

Bring in the Brass

Most homeowners elevate the luxe look of their bathroom by implementing chrome elements. If you’re interested in taking a more unique and timeless approach that really makes an impression, opt for brass or copper hardware instead. Replacing faucets can add up, so making smaller changes with these more noticeable tones is a great solution.

Wallpaper Walls

Instead of splurging on new tiles, you can refresh your walls by wrapping them in wallpaper. It’s far more cost-effective, while being able to completely change the look of your bathroom. You can go for a classy marble design or keep it clean with a dark shade of wood. A monogram pattern is also a great option.

Lively Lighting

Don’t settle for a basic bulb on the roof. An interesting overhead lighting unit can go a long way in making your bathroom appear more luxurious. Create a futuristic vibe by lining your mirror with LED strips. Dim mood lights are sure to wow your guests at dinner parties. It’s also a good idea to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

Pretty Plants

All that extra sunlight can be put to use by soaking it up with a few plants. A colorful bouquet of flowers will add vibrance and freshness to your bathroom while also elevating its look and feel. Some basic greens are a great way to liven up monochromatic spaces. Plants will also help to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, which is always useful.

Turkish Towels

Crafted from Turkish cotton, towels of the same name are a more premium and luxurious version of your average bathroom rags. They’re also softer and plusher, as well as being able to remain absorbent for longer. Look for pieces with embroidered edges, ribbon trims and additional details such as monograms.

Adding Artwork

Large and tiny bathrooms alike will benefit from a standout piece of art on the wall. It’s a great way to visually anchor your space and add a point of interest. Just make sure that any artwork you choose is capable of withstanding high amounts of steam and moisture. Framing your art is a good idea.

While these tips are sure to make your bathroom look infinitely more luxurious, they aren’t your only options. Don’t hesitate to get creative and think outside the box.