Renovating your basement is no small task, especially if you live in an older building. Many houses are not equipped with basements that are designed for living in. However, this should not stop you from renovating your basement but should be seen as a small problem to overcome at the start of your project.

While basements in their nature are more vulnerable than the standard room to structural stresses and moisture issues, there are many new materials and technologies that can overcome such problems. When used, these materials add value to the property and also ensure that you can create a long-lasting, innovative basement renovation. Here are some top tips the pros at suggest for renovating your basement.

  • Do Not Build Directly On A Concrete Slab

Extreme weather conditions have increased around the globe, with many countries reporting higher rainfall throughout the year. This has resulted in a number of flooded basements due to building directly on concrete. One of the key features of preventing an influx of water and moisture is air circulation. Air circulation helps to reduce unhealthy moisture within the basement and provides clean air for the room. In our rooms, the main natural form of air circulation is our windows, which are very unlikely to be liable options for a basement. Instead, you can make use of mechanical ventilation such as vents, ducts and fans. As well as great ventilation, create a breathable subflooring. This will help to promote airflow and keeps your finished floor away from concrete should a flood occur.

  • Plan Ahead

Don’t start your basement renovation without thinking about future projects. Ensure you effectively plan ahead before making any decisions as they could potentially impact the other rooms within your home. If you plan on turning your basement into a new living room, run a few electrical circuits into the floor system to make sure this is a liable option. If you want to create a small bathroom downstairs, run the different systems beforehand to make sure they are functional. There is nothing worse than coming to the end of your renovation, only to find out the plans you have will no longer work. This is not only extremely problematic, but can be very expensive too.

  • Plan For Windows and Doors

If you think a small window is an option for your basement renovation, then you should certainly look at this as a good option. Whilst these jobs should be left for a professional, the natural light and ventilation will significantly improve the overall enjoyment of any living area you create. The most common window is known as a window well and can be created and implemented by a professional, who will provide you with the advice you need to get the very best out of your renovation.

  • Install Good Lighting

So, you have just spent months planning and implementing your basement renovation, only to find that the room feels somewhat gloomy. Before you begin any renovation make sure that you have come up with a good lighting plan as this will allow your basement to become an inviting gathering spot. There are a number of ways you can do this. Recessed light is a great way to create an overall illumination as well as highlight a particular area of the room. As well as recessed lighting you can also make use of pendants and track lights which will help to eliminate shadows within the room. If none of these lighting suggests are your thing, you can always make use of table and floor lamps to remove shadowy areas and provide lighting around your chairs and sofas.