Art deco is a design that came up between the first and second world wars. Although it has been years, it is still a popular design that people are even adopting at homes despite the expiration of its heydays. The Art deco designs are popular because of the craftsmanship put into developing them.

Also, they are luxurious designs that everyone would want in their retro space. However, most people think it is a difficult task to furnish a home with Art deco designs. Let us guide you on what you should consider when buying art deco furniture as a first step to furnishing your home.

Bold geometry

One thing that separates this design from the rest is its uniqueness. The designers came up with uncommon forms that they used in making items such as an art deco table. Mostly, conventional styles get replaced with new ones, but that has not happened.

Art deco has a unique method of making homes look elegant. It combines smaller shapes and makes bigger shapes out of them. That is where the big items such as cars, desks, and chairs come from making it a unique type of geometry.

Exotic materials

During the initial stages, there were not so many materials for Art Deco. However, at the peak of its development, there was more traveling around the world. That opened access ivory, pearl, and mahogany.

When these materials became available in large quantities, the mass production of Art Deco furniture began. The rich did not want to use the same materials with people in the middle-class, and therefore, they opted to find more expensive materials.

Nowadays, leather and fur are common in the manufacture of Art Deco furniture while maintaining the same exotic look.

High shine

Art deco being a stylish design, means that it also needs to be attractive and striking. In the early days, they used materials that would shine and bring out the luxurious features of the Art deco furniture. That made the items made with these designs popular among wealthy individuals.

At that time, they used the shiny aspects of these items to portray a particular social class. Also, they have remained popular up to this day. They get considered as staples of the art deco furniture.

Therefore, when buying art deco furniture like an art deco dressing table, always look for well-polished surfaces that can add class to your room.

Accents with movement

Art deco has that unique signature that makes you identify it from far. It is not uncommon to see furniture pieces with sleek lines and curves. The style is futuristic, and these features imply movement. Also, it implies technology, youth, and speed, meaning it is forward-oriented.

Therefore, when buying an Art deco piece of furniture, always look out for the signature curves and semicircles on items.


Buying Art deco furniture is simple. You only need to know some of the features to look out for. Most of them have features in this article, and therefore your next purchase should be simple.