The trends of flooring change from year to year. These trends change because homeowners also acquire new technology and tastes, which allow them to come up with the designs they want during the remodeling projects. Flooring designs range from driftwood to ebony. Another growing trend is flooring imperfections like knots and mineral streaks. So, in a few years to come, there will be more exciting and new trends that can help you to give your home a natural feel. Here are a few European flooring trends that you need to know. 


1. Blanched and Bleached Woods

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to flooring. So, some people dislike glossy and brown stains that many wooden floors have. Other folks prefer softer flooring that looks bleached. This type of floor consists of wood, which has gone through the process of bleaching. The bleaching process is also referred to as blanching. It entails the application of some chemicals to remove the color on the surface. 

Blanching provides wood with a washed and ashy look to make it natural. But you will not lose the beauty and charm of the surface. In case you intend to carry out a renovation process, ensure you work with a contractor who understands how to bleach and replace the floorings. 


2. White and Black Vintage

Vintage is a nostalgic trend that brings memory and warmth back. These days, white and black tiles are among the standard flooring that people use. There are a few changes made on these floors. So, it is quite different from those that were used in historic houses. These new tiles are luxurious, graphic, and bold. 

Every homeowner wants a unique twist in their homes. Fortunately, this vintage flooring has the style that you want. You can also get smaller tiles that have graphic patterns. 


3. Fumed Wood Floors

Almost all the floors go through the process of staining to have the desired finishing. But fumed wood floors get the grain and rich without going through the staining process. Instead, the flooring undergoes the process termed as fuming. This process entails placing of flooring to the chamber that has airborne ammonia. The floor reacts with ammonia to come up with a color change. 

The reaction will always result in the same change. The final result depends on a few aspects. Some of them include the kind of wood, atmosphere inside the chamber, and the environment outside. So, even when the woods are the same, the results may differ. Typically, the look for final flooring looks luxurious appealing than stained wood floors. But be careful when applying ammonia directly to the wood. This will weaken the whole structure and damage the fiber in it. For you to do the right thing, research thoroughly to handle everything properly. 


Concluding Remarks

Every homeowner wishes to have a home that has a natural look. It is confusing to choose the best trend because there are many options to choose from. It would be upon you to select the type of look and feel you want for your home. Choose one of the trends that you are comfortable with. So, why the wait? Scrutinize all the options to choose the best one that will give you comfort, joy, and contentment, which you want.