Don’t get offended when a neighbor calls your attention about the missing shingles on your roof. Don’t feel bad when they talk to you about the messy state of your backyard. Try not to grumble and frown when they mention the rundown state of the house. You may have your reasons, but your neighbors are rightfully concerned about how the state of your house affects their properties, too.

They might give you business cards of reputable commercial roofing contractors in Salt Lake City or other cities. Don’t feel too bad. Don’t feel like they’re overstepping their boundaries. Some people are plain concerned about your property. Others are concerned about what your rundown property means for theirs.

Effect on the Value of Their Properties

When potential homebuyers want to buy a new home, they look at the neighborhood. They look at the structure of the homes beside theirs. They look at who’s going to be their neighbors. Do you know that one of the top considerations of many homebuyers is their neighbor? It matters who you’re going to be neighbors with for a long time. Your kids are going to be friends with your neighbors’ kids. Even your pets are going to get to know their pets, too. That’s how connected your lives will become.

So a neighbor who’s concerned about the state of your property is within their rights. They are worried that your inability to take care of your house, garden, or backyard can affect the value of their homes. They are concerned about what potential homebuyers may think about the neighborhood.

Violation of Homeowners’ Association Policies

Is there a homeowners’ association in your neighborhood? If you’re living in a gated community, it’s more than likely that you have. You might have not noticed what you signed when you agreed to follow the rules and regulations of the association. Go back to the contract and read it again. Many HOA penalizes households who do not follow the rules on how the houses should look presentable. Imagine a lone dilapidated house amid rows of well-manicured lawns.

Possible Health Hazards

Your neighbors could be concerned about your property because they fear various health hazards. Skunks, raccoons, and squirrels will take refuge in the property, eating away at whatever garbage they find there. They may travel to other houses, bringing with them chewed-on candy wrappers and discarded food they have found in your garbage can. Imagine what horror it would be for your neighbors to see your trash in their backyards.

On top of it all, you could be clogging the sewage pipes because you haven’t been cleaning up your backyard. This means that during heavy rainfall, there’s a huge possibility of water pooling in front of your houses. Your roof with its missing shingles could also result in injuries and accidents.

When neighbors approach you about the condition of your house, don’t feel bad. Try to understand the reasons they are concerned about your property. Maybe they are being good Samaritans. Maybe they are worried about their own properties. There’s nothing wrong either way.