Are you moving to Miami? That’s awesome! Miami offers unforgettable beach moments, rich cultural experiences, a vibrant nightlife, and a creative art scene. Understandably, you’re probably wondering where to live when you get there. Well, there are many prime areas in Miami, both on and beyond the seaside. This includes mainland Florida’s southern belt, which the Atlantic Ocean flanks.

There’s also Biscayne Bay and Everglades National Park. To help you out with choosing the best place to live, we’ve listed a few popular neighborhoods below.


Edgewater is known as one of the hottest, high end, up-and-coming neighborhoods in Miami. It’s located by the shores along Biscayne Bay and is well known for its luxury high rise condos and apartment buildings with all the amenities anyone could ask for, like Aria on the Bay, which graces the waterfront. This is the area to look at if you want floor to ceiling windows and an expansive sun deck. If you decide on this neighborhood, you’ll be slightly closer to Margaret Pace Park, which has many tennis courts, picnic areas, and paved trails.

Edgewater is also known for the many historical homes scattered across the area, although primarily, it’s recognized as a residential location. It started gaining great popularity during the 2000s and has since soared due to its nearness to Miami Design District and Downtown. It’s also worth mentioning that a number of high-rise and mid-rise residential structures have encouraged rapid urbanization.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove (also known as The Grove to the locals) is located east of Coral Gables. Packed with rich artistic history, this location offers spectacular scenery and a laid-back yet welcoming atmosphere. Coconut Grove is home to some very talented writers and artists who probably get some of their inspiration from the town’s artsy ambiance. It appeals most to young people because of the pleasant open-air cafés, exquisite boutiques, and flourishing nightlife.

There are also pedestrian-friendly road plans, perfect for those who love to take long walks. Some great side attractions to look out for include the Kampong Tropical Garden and The Barnacle Historic State Park. It’s an easily accessible neighborhood that’s not too far from downtown. You could also get free transport services with the Miami Trolley, Freebee, or pay for a ride on Metrorail or a regular bus. You should expect to spend an average monthly rent of about $1,700 in this location.


Wynwood is probably one of Miami’s most loved areas. It’s mostly known as The Arts & Entertainment District of Miami. It’s very hard to tell now, but this was once a full-on industrial location, flooded with warehouses and auto shops. However, today, it’s one of Miami’s hottest places to experience art like never before.

You’ll find streets lined with fantastic graffiti, stylish cafes, restaurants and bars, galleries, and an open-air park dedicated to museum-worthy urban murals. You’ll always find someplace to go and something to do at Wynwood. However, be ready to spend, on average, $2,150 a month on rent if you decide to live here.

South Beach

This place does justice to what most people think about when living in Miami comes to mind. South Beach, popularly known as SoBe, is rich in urban culture. It’s made up of beautiful beaches, lovely people, an incredible party atmosphere, great architecture, and a wide celebrity presence. SoBe’s stunning Art Deco architecture pieces are exceptional, and so if you’re into luxurious living, the scene here is just right for you.

Most homes here are apartment buildings. Rarely will you find standalone homes, and when you do, they come with alarming price tags. If you also love spending time under the sun at the beach, then Florida’s famous sunshine in this part of Miami will make you very happy. SoBe can also be a destination of choice for a weekend getaway, especially during spring break.