Clogged drains are relatively common and finding a professional cleaning company right here in San Diego to fix the mess can be challenging, given the number of companies offering the service. Routine drain maintenance on your sinks and drains may not always work and that is why you should consider professional drain cleaning.

Causes of Drainage Clogs

There are many ways to clog your drain and here are some of the most common clogging agents retrieved by drain cleaning experts.

  • Food debris in kitchen drains
  • Sanitary products like pampers and sanitary towels in toilet drains
  • Twigs & leaves in storm drains
  • Mineral deposits due to hard water use
  • Hair Strands in bathroom drains
  • Dirt Build-Up
  • Pieces of Soap

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Modern living is demanding and can significantly limit your ability to accomplish tasks in your home or business. Cleaning drains takes time and resources and without a proper maintenance schedule for your drains, there’s no telling when you find a puddle of water inside your house. With the help of professional drain cleaners, you can forget about wet surprises and gain other benefits, including:

Make Your Pipes Last Longer

When objects and substances remain trapped in a drain for long, they can easily corrode the pipes. Once the pipes are corroded, you are staring at constant leakages and repair or replacement expenses. Professional cleaning companies use various methods like hydro jetting to ensure drains are entirely free from debris. This way, your pipes can last longer.

Drain Waste Water Faster

Accumulated grime impedes the movement of water, making drainage sluggish and frustrating. In some cases like bathrooms and toilets, backflow can occur, providing an avenue for dirty water to come into contact with you. This can lead to nasty infections and diseases from pathogens in the dirty water. Proper cleaning frees up your drains from grime and allows water to flow out quickly

Get Rid of Bad Odour

Obstructed pipes lead to pooling of water for long periods. When water sits in a drain, bacteria multiply rapidly, emitting foul smells that can easily make a home or building inhabitable. Drainage companies ensure that all wastewater flows to the drain and fix any mechanical problems in the plumbing system that may lead to stagnant water in pipes.

Avoid Messy Plumbing Jobs

Sometimes people put off fixing their drains at the first signs of trouble and resort to short term solutions even when the situation calls for expert help. When you avoid the help of professionals in cleaning your drains, you risk messy outcomes like indoor flooding and sewer bursts, which can create a big mess. Apart from draining the wastewater, you will have to disinfect the affected buildings, which will set you back a considerable amount of money.

For exceptional drain cleaning services in San Diego, consider family-owned cleaning companies, boasting of decades of experience and exposure to all drain designs. Coupled with exemplary customer care, great prices and 24/7 service, Mega Rooter Plumbing company is your best bet for your drain cleaning requirements, with a vast experience spanning over 90 years!