Mirrors have both functional and aesthetic uses in the home, and placement is a key factor to bear in mind when setting up mirrors in any room. It is a known fact that mirrors make places bigger and appealing to the eye. To achieve these effects, one must ensure that they pick the right mirror for the space they have and also place it correctly. Custom framed mirrors are easy to work with as they are tailor-fit for a specific home. One can alter the design and size of the mirror to fit their preferences with the existing furnishings at the back of their mind.

Buying the right mirror is critical, and so is the placement. The different parts of a home have different uses, and the mirrors put in each must be appropriate. One must consider certain factors to strike a balance between functionality and beauty. Here are some tips regarding mirror placement that will come in handy in any home;

Always check the lighting in the room

The position of the mirror matters, but the set up won’t be perfect without the right lighting conditions. Before placing a mirror in a particular spot assessing the entry points of the natural light into the room as well as the position of the artificial lights is a critical step. Natural light works best with mirrors to enhance functionality and show a person as they are/ For this reason, placing a mirror next to the window or door is one of the best moves one can make.

Respect the existing décor

When buying a mirror, especially those with decorative frames, one ought to match it with the existing décor in the home. Mirrors tend to stand out in any setting, and having a conspicuous piece that stands out from the rest of the furnishings may ruin the overall appearance of the room. When working with contrasting colors and ornamental frames, it is best to pick mirrors with neutral frames that will fit in seamlessly with the interior decoration in the home.


Using a group of mirrors instead of just one is among the best ways to give a room character. DIY mirrors may be the ideal choice, but there are other variations in the market as well. The shapes and colors picked must be the ideal choice for a particular space, given the usage and purpose of the setup. Hanging mirrors takes the same procedures and steps as artwork. The spacing between the different pieces must be proportional to achieve the desired results.

Before hanging a mirror in any room in the home, one must ensure that they understand the best techniques to use for optimal results. Alternatively, one can seek the help of expert hands in this field to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Mirrors are delicate, and handling them without the necessary skills may lead to damage to the unit. The installation technique must be top-notch with the ability to hold the mirror in place for an extended period.