Drains are crucial in handling water flow in your home or business, without drainage our wastewater would have no way to flow to the central sewer line. All drains on your property drain into the main lateral line, this sewer line is responsible for connecting your home or business to the central sewer system or a local septic system. However, there are many things that can go wrong in this process and cause your drains to operate inefficiently, causing a risk for issues like backups! Thankfully, there are a few common signs, depending on the exact appliance, that can help tip property owners off to drain issues.

  • Bathroom and kitchen sinks: Usually sinks drain relatively fast, if you ever notice that water takes longer than normal to go down when brushing your teeth, you could have a clogged sink drain on your hands. Home and business owners generally try do it yourself solutions here, but low-quality drain cleaner can magnify the issue and make it worse.
  • Showers: The most glaring sign of a clogged shower drain is slow draining water. If you ever notice that water is beginning to pool when you are taking a shower, or if you notice that it takes extra long to drain at the end, call a plumber immediately! Clogged shower drains are extremely common, hair and other material can cause nasty clogs in these drains!
  • Appliances: Have a slow draining dishwasher? If you notice that not all the water has drained when its cycle is complete, you could have a downstream clog on your hands. Clogged appliance drains are extremely hard to correct on your own, it’s vital you have the expertise of a plumber on hand to assist in this situation.

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