Since the beginning of social distancing we spend a lot more time at home. The comforts afforded by this situation are undeniable. However, things may seem to get a tad boring after a while. Instead of starting another binge watching spree, consider optimizing your living spaces. Even small improvements can bring significant gains in comfort and productivity. Home improvement is also a great way to stay occupied and get our minds off the current situation. Here are some practical ideas.

More kitchen storage

When was the last time you heard someone say that they have more kitchen space than they need? The kitchen is one of those places where there is simply never enough storage room. Often the challenge is not the physical space itself, but how well it is utilized. You can put those seldom-used oversized lower cabinets to good use by adding a few pullout drawers. Spare drawers can be purchased online for under $40 with free shipping. The only tool you need to fit them in is a screwdriver.

Another thought is to repaint your kitchen and cabinets for a new look. Choose simple and soothing colors such as white, cream, pastels, or another that you may like. Cabinet paints are available on Amazon for as low as $15. While you’re at it, you may consider changing to a wider/deeper sink, swapping out the drawer knobs and cabinet handles, updating the lighting, and making other improvements that would add value to your time spent in the kitchen.

Personalize your walls

Wall coverings can dramatically change the look and feel of any indoor space. Wallpapers come in a multitude of colors and designs. One advantage of using wallpaper is that it is not permanent. You can swap it out as soon as you get bored with it. Wallpaper rolls are available from $6.79. It is also possible to greatly personalize your wall decor. Use digital prints to create your own wall art. You can put up family portraits or any other images you love to look at. You can personalize a wall gallery starting at $5 on AliExpress.

Get some mood lighting

Lights are not just functional. They are important components of your home’s aesthetics. Lights that enhance the rest of the decor can add to a home’s beauty. Pick the newest power-saving lighting for your porch and stairs. Choose from a selection of pendant, sconce, or chandelier lighting fixtures for the living room. An endless variety of lighting options are available for every part of the house. By installing more efficient lights you’re sure to save a few bucks on your power bills too. For even more savings consider installing a solar panel or two on the rooftop, if feasible.

Go green

A small home garden is one of the best ways to spend the spare time. Flowers and decorative bushes add beauty and serenity to a home. The smell of fresh flowers is always pleasing. Plants also rejuvenate the air we breathe by making oxygen. Pick decorative planters and pots that match your spaces and style. Decorate your garden with smooth stones, outdoor tiles, a swing, and other trappings. Many of us prefer to go for the more edible stuff in the gardening department. A little garden of herbs and vegetables will see you eating healthier and feeling more energetic every day.


Home insulation can be a simple and affordable DIY project that brings many benefits. Done right, it can save you a bundle on energy costs. The US environmental protection agency estimates that good insulation can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs, or about $200 each year. DIY home insulation is fairly simple. All you need to do is to identify thermal leaks and plug them with the proper insulation. The usual suspects are the attic, basement, and other less-frequented spaces.

Final thoughts

Home improvement makes your abode more pleasing. Personalized living spaces uplift the mood and improve productivity. Millions of migrant workers send money online regularly to their families. Home improvement is one of the best uses of these remittances. Improving one’s home should not be a one-time fix, but an ongoing activity. What truly counts is the motivation to improve. The process of learning by doing is a reward in and of itself.

About the author:

Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.