The fireplace design has been around for a long time and most homes with enough space have this feature. Over the years, architects have gradually improved the various traditional designs into more contemporary fireplaces. This has prompted a decent number of homeowners to remodel the fireplace and other parts of the home to conform to contemporary standards. The first question that most people tend to ask themselves is, is there a fireplace store near me? Not all localities have experts who can remodel fireplaces to perfection or the necessary materials for the same, making this query critical in any remodeling journey.

Remodeling does not mean that you have to take down the entire structure. Improvements can be made to the existing fireplace to improve the aesthetic value. Below are some tips that you can use to improve the appearance of your fireplace without the process costing you an arm and a leg.


Some classic fireplace designs are timeless, and any changes made to the construction could do more harm than good. When dealing with a retro fireplace, the first option should be to clean it up and add some color to the space. If this fails to bring out the desired effect, then other steps can be considered when repainting, the colors that one uses matter a lot. For DIY projects, the other colors in the room will give one pointers on the best choice that complements the beauty of the room. If possible, one should hire professionals to help with the process.


Art on the fireplace is one of the common ways that one can use to improve the overall appearance of the structure. Before placing any artwork on the fireplace, one should ensure that it complements the décor and furnishings in the room. The fireplace ought to be cleaned and polished prior to adding any pieces therein. Painting and finishing may also be necessary, especially if the fireplace has lost the finish used during construction. The artwork of choice should complement the finishing for a complete look.

Choose a style

There are many fireplace styles currently, and one should go for one that fits with the existing furnishings and décor in the house. Both antique and modern designs are perfect choices, but it should blend well with the other parts of the home. One ought to have the construction in place during remodeling. Patterns and colors are among the things that one has to keep in mind when deciding on the best style to pick. For instance, instead of the typical rectangular-shaped fireplace, one can go for the round style that is gradually gaining popularity among homeowners. The materials used in the construction will help define the style further. Wood, ceramic, and bricks are among the various options that one can use to achieve a particular look.

There are various dynamics involved in remodeling a fireplace. The purpose of this part of a house should not be forgotten when decisions are made regarding the various aspects such as shape, color, and material. The cost is an essential factor in all this as it determines the materials used, among other things.