We have gone through various reviews and in our opinion the Vitamin Ascent A2300i is the best professional electric silent blender on the market. 5 programs including a cleaning program, 10 speed steps and powerful engine – is what makes the Vitamin Ascent A2300i one of the most popular in its market segment.

This model has everything you could need in a blender. According to experts, thissilent blender can crush ice and frozen berries, mix large pieces of fruit and vegetables and even mix hard nuts. In addition, the mixer’s stylish and elegant design will make your kitchen more beautiful.

Best premium choice: Vitamin Ascent A2300i

The Vitamin Ascent A2300i is the best professional electric silentblender, which is good for high quality, fast and easy cooking. This blender has gained good reputation as one of the most powerful and popular mixers. Thanks to its capabilities, the blender can replace 10 different home appliances in your kitchen.

The jug is made of a robust and environmentally friendly BPA-free plastic. Such material is characterized by its durability and is also widely used in the food industry.

The Vitamin Ascent A2300i has 10 speed steps and a heart rate function. What is turbo mode and pulse function for something; you can read below in the section on the silent blender’s buying advice. In addition, there are 5 automatic programs: with the help of the four, the food is processed and your favorite dishes cooked and the fifth program acts as a self-cleaning.

The blender without difficulty can make juices, milkshakes, smoothies, frozen desserts, pesto, guacamole, soups or purees.

Best price and quality: Magi mix Le Blender

Magi mix Le Blender has automatic features, with which you can crush ice, make different kinds of cocktails, soups and sauces. The mixer is equipped with a 1200W heat resistant glass jug and motor.

Magi mix Le Blender is an electric silent blender designed for high quality and delicious cooking. This blender was created with the use of modern technology and high quality materials. You can choose one of the four preset programs, which are great for crushing ice or making cocktails, soups, sauces and desserts. Despite the powerful 1200 W motor (600 – 1500 rpm), the blender works very gently and that means you can use Magi mix Le Blender without fear of disturbing other people.

High quality, volume 1.8 liters, pitcher of heat resistant glass

High-quality glass jug with a capacity of 1.8 liters makes it possible to make dishes for 3-4 people. Also important is that the jug is made of heat-resistant glass because it means that you can cook both hot and cold dishes. In addition to this, Magi mix Le Blender is equipped with a waterproof lid and dosage indications, which made the blender’s operation more convenient and easier.

Best budget choice: Wilfa BL-1200

Wilfa BL-1200 will be your best assistant in the kitchen thanks to its possibilities and really nice price. You should get all the necessary preset programs with which you can cook the tastiest and healthiest dishes for your whole family.

This mixer is a product of the Norwegian company “Wilfa”, which has been in the Scandinavian market for a long time. By producing quality home appliances, the company has established trust with its customers. If you are an admirer of national and Scandinavian production, this silent blender will be a good fit for your kitchen.

If you choose Wilfa BL-1200 as your kitchen assistant, you should get a universal mixer that has the most important and up-to-date features. Using the powerful 1200W blender motor, it’s easy to chop vegetables, crush ice, make tasty smoothies with fruit and ice cream, and get a government program on the purchase, which is also important.

This model, unlike most blenders in the same price category, has a glass jug that holds 1.8 liters. It should be a good purchase, especially for people who are in need of quality and long-lived things.