Luxury starts from the door. The moment you open it, the story unfolds. From the welcoming introduction of high ceilings and sparkly, reflective floors, through the elaboration of granite countertops, top-class appliances, and the state of the art design — a luxury apartment is an experience for a visitor as well as for the resident.

Regardless of apartment size, adding some eye-catching details can upgrade an average to a premium. One look to the portfolio of those best in business, like this interior design company in Doha, Qatar proves that luxury is as much about comfort as it is about quality.

When should you consider a luxury apartment remodeling? These are some of the most common reasons to renovate:

  • Your apartment is aging: the walls do not appear as fresh as they used to, the floors are losing some shine, maybe a scratch or two can be found on the wood – even the classical heritage villas need a refreshment every now and then.
  • You wish to increase the value of the place: Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just maintaining it, adding extra value is a good idea.
  • You need a change: No matter how appealing, any esthetics will lose the impact after a long time
  • You want to modernize the utilities: improving energy efficiency is good for both you and the environment.
  • You want to adapt the place to your lifestyle: anyone can benefit from adding a wellness zone, a gym, or a movie screening room.

No matter the reasons, you want to have a result that will fit with your habits as much as with your esthetic criteria. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all solution, particularly in the luxury design, there are some guidelines that can help you determine which direction to take. A high-end interior designer will listen to the client’s ideas and transform them into a look worthy of a thousand words.

Where to Start

According to the surveys, up to 80 percent of remodeling projects start from the kitchen and bathroom, respectively. As the trends were moving towards open-floor plans, the kitchen became the showpiece, the design statement of a modern home. It’s also the center of family life in modern times. For the best results, go with the custom-made cabinetry and chef-quality appliances.

Add a Lasting Value

Think of walls, flooring, and countertops as a practical opportunity to add value to your apartment with durable, high-end materials. Depending on your preferences, go with the natural quartz, marble, granite, or Corian.

Less is More

Several exquisite, larger pieces will accentuate the room better than an excess of smaller, cheaper items. Messy focus associates with the sense of chaos rather than style and refinement. A large item, custom made from sophisticated materials with some decadent detailing, brings a well-rounded sensation of extravagance.

Luxury is Hedonistic

The luxury design is a celebration of being alive, indulgent, and pampered, it’s about fulfilling your desires, whether it means turning your bathroom into a spa or your kitchen into a Michelin-star chef empire. The right combination of colors, textures, materials, and lights can transform any space into a dream, and any fantasy into a reality.

Let There Be Light

Highlight the ambiance as well as your mood. Multiple layered lighting at differing heights and zones will raise the atmosphere to another level. Illuminate special features. Each of the statement pieces deserves its own moment in the spotlight. Some websites like La Solas Apartments suggest large mirrors, which can enhance the light effects and create a sense of surrealism.

Go Green

Sustainability is a growing priority in the design industry, with a various selection of new eco-friendly building materials and furniture. In the USA, “eco-literacy” is the new black, and the “green’ is the new premium. It’s a trend of a more holistic way to live, a lifestyle statement. Luxury renovation can include non-toxic paints, recycled building materials, solar panels, and high energy efficiency.

The Internet of Things

Automatization and smart home systems will improve the comfort of your apartment. Home automation is the networking of devices and appliances for better overall control. While the options like lighting and simple appliance control are nothing new, modern technology brought us voice command devices and software that controls your house efficiency, performs tasks simultaneously, and greatly improves safety.

The Outcome

Every stage of the design process and every element are significant. Starting from the functional layout, through the stellar selection of materials, to the final decor, interior design is the unity of creativity, inspiration, and exploration.

The best luxury interior design renovation will give your space a character, authenticity. It will reflect your taste and turn your lifestyle into an experience.

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