The office is where we spend most of our time. Nowadays, technology has advanced rapidly, and we will spend a large amount of time on our computer screens. This causes our eyes to strain and cause us to get tired easily throughout the day.

If you want to make your office a conducive place for work, hire an office interior design company in Singapore to help you plan out how you can design your office with greenery and make it a more productive place for you and your employees.

Having some plants in the office can change all that, making us more energized and give our eyes a break in the middle of the day. Green plants can soothe your eyes. On top of that, there are many other benefits of placing plants in your office.

1.    Purify the Air

When you position more plants in the office, on top of the aesthetic elements they add to the office, the plants also help to purify the air. They absorb carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of dust present in the room.

Plants also help to increase the humidity level, improving human health. When the humidity level is too low, it is easier for employees to catch the flu and fall sick.

2.    Boost Productivity

Based on some studies in Europe, it was discovered that employees become 15% more productive when they can see plants at their workspace. Employees can get to relax their eyes when they are looking at these plants.

It also helps to decrease their level of anxiety and tension level which results in greater productivity.

3.    Lower Absence Rates

On top of providing a conducive environment, the plants also contributed to a lower absence rate. According to research, green-certified offices reported having 30% fewer sickness-related absences and a 6% rise in sleep quality.

This shows that the plants in your office can help to improve your overall wellbeing and also increase your level of productivity in the office at the same time.

4.    Attract Talents

After surveying employees, research has shown that one of the most important factors that employees take into consideration when choosing for a job is the working environment. Many people who attend an interview are first attracted by the design of the office and when there are plants placed in the office, it will make the office more pleasant for employees.

Greenery can bring an extra positive effect on the working environment making it easier to retain talents.

A good working environment can make an employee happier, more creative and more productive. This will also bring more positive energy to the office making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be in.