Household curtains can be a tricky and tiring furnishing to clean depending on their material and size. For many homeowners who spend the majority of their time on their jobs, spending time to thoroughly clean their curtains may be a task that is simply too exhausting. As such, professional curtain cleaning services exist to make this problem go away.

What exactly do professional curtain cleaning services offer and should you engage them? In this article we shall be answering these questions and more.

You can’t put a Price on Convenience

Curtain cleaning is a long and arduous task that can easily take up the majority of your weekend. This is especially so if you have curtains which materials cannot be machine washed and dried. For working adults, the time on the weekend is precious for socialising, resting or catching up on their hobbies. If you feel that you do not wish to spend the majority of your weekend sweating out and cleaning your curtains, then paying for professionals to do it for you makes sense.

Thorough and Deep Cleaning

Dust, dirt, mould and mildew are all contaminants that your curtain may be housing. Depending on the regularity that you clean, dust and vacuum them, these curtains may have penetrated to the inner fibres of your curtain. At this point, they are incredibly hard to dislodge using conventional methods. As such, professional curtain cleaning services may be needed to remove them.

Curtain cleaning companies use stronger chemicals and cleaning techniques that allow them to penetrate to the inner fibres of your curtain. These methods should not be attempted at home as careless use could result in permeant damage to your curtains.

Cleaning of Heavier or Dedicate Curtain Materials

Certain curtain materials such as lace and velvet require special care and attention when cleaning. Conventional cleaning methods would not work with them.

For example, professional curtain cleaning companies might choose to use steaming methods instead of washing machines. Through steaming, professionals can control the amount of exposure that curtains have to the moisture, thus preventing them from becoming soaked.

This is especially critical for heavier curtains that are capable of absorbing large amounts of water and thus being hard to dry. If you were to hang up such curtains without first fully drying them, not only may the weight be too much for your bar to handle, but they might make prime environments for mould or mildew growth.

Avoid Allergic Reactions or Adverse Health Issues

As covered earlier, dirt and mould may be ingrained in the inner fibres of your curtain over time. Without you knowing, your curtain may be placing both your family and visitors of your household at risk. This is particularly so for individuals with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems.