The importance of a sump pump in the prevention of flooding cannot be underestimated. As a result, homeowners must ensure proper sump pump installation to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of a sump pump in the house. But despite correct sump pump installation, certain mistakes can be made, which will undermine the performance of the sump pump. Read more about the mistakes to avoid them.

Here are five mistakes homeowners make with sump pumps regardless of proper sump pump installation.

  1. Debris Intrusion

One of the most common mistakes many homeowners make is allowing debris to overrun their sump pumps. A sump pump cannot work efficiently when debris has blocked the flow of water into the machine. Debris such as small-sized gravel, leaves, and other forms of trash should be prevented from clogging the sump pump – the motor in the appliance could be damaged. Instead of using small-sized gravel, use bigger sized gravels to avoid clogging the machine.

  1. Failure to Test the Sump Pump

Most times, after the sump pump installation, many homeowners do not bother to test the machine to make sure that it is in excellent working condition. This can cause the basement to be flooded entirely during heavy rain or storm. Test your appliance after installation and once in three months, even if it has yet to rain. Fill up the sump pit with water and let your machine run. Make sure that the machine works fine.

  1. Wrong Positioning of the Check Valve

The purpose of the check valve on the sump pump is to prevent the backflow of water into the pump. Consequently, you should check that it is positioned correctly during the sump pump installation. The arrow should point away from the machine. Wrong positioning of the check valve will undermine the correct functioning of the machine.

  1. Float Switch Placed Too Low

A float switch notifies the sump pump to stop working when the water level gets low to a certain degree. However, if the float switch is not installed correctly, it will undoubtedly cause the sump pump to work endlessly, which can cause its motor to burn and result in costly repairs or replacement of the unit.

  1. Failure to Monitor the Sound of the Sump Pump Motor

Another grave mistake that many homeowners make is that they do not listen to the sound of the machine. As a rule of thumb, please take note of the sound of the machine during the sump pump installation and when it is working. This will allow you to know when something is wrong with the unit since the motor’s sound will change. Taking note of the machine’s sound can help to prevent substantial removal and repair.

As a homeowner, you should avoid all the mistakes discussed above to guarantee the performance of your device and prevent damage to your machine, which can cause basement flooding in your home.