Like many other appliances inside your home, your HVAC system may stop working at some unexpected moments. If this happens during warm weather, you are bound to experience sleepless nights inside your house. To deal with this problem, the first thing to do is to troubleshoot and find out why your HVAC unit is not working.

Here are some reasons why your HVAC is not working:

·       The indoor or outdoor disconnect switch is turned off

Every HVAC system has indoor and outdoor disconnect switches. Sometimes, the indoor or outdoor disconnect switch could have been turned off accidentally. This is particularly common if the indoor switch is found inside your garage, attic, or some other hidden locations.

Notably, the outdoor disconnect switch is placed close to the outdoor unit. So, check it to ascertain it has not been switched off accidentally.

·       The filter is dirty

Sometimes, your HVAC unit may not work if the filter is dirty. If left for a long period, a dirty air filter will restrict airflow to the unit. Over time, the coil inside your unit may freeze up; hence, the unit will stop working.

Other possible causes of a frozen coil include obstructed supply or return vents, refrigerant leaks, and the closing of the supply vents. Generally, HVAC maintenance can proffer timely and reliable solutions.

·       The batteries of the thermostat are dead

Your HVAC system may not be working if the thermostat batteries are dead. Fortunately, this problem is easy to deal with as you only need to change the batteries of the thermostat. While this will cost you some money, the solution is dependable.

·       A fuse has blown

There is a fuse connected to the thermostat of your HVAC unit. If this fuse is blown, the unit will not be able to function properly. Of course, the HVAC system will not work until you have replaced the blown fuse with another one.

Notably, changing a fuse can be quite difficult. So, you are advised to hire an HVAC expert that can handle HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

·       A circuit breaker has been tripped

If your HVAC unit is not working, one of the circuit breakers might have been tripped. So, look at the breaker box to see the tripped breaker is connected to the HVAC unit. Reset the breaker and switch on your air conditioner again.

Notably, overloading is the most common factor that trips breakers. Therefore, shut off some appliances to reduce the loads on the breakers.

·       A transformer is blown

If a transformer inside your AC unit has blown, the unit will not function until it has been replaced. So, check the unit’s transformer to see if it is in good condition or not. Most of the causes of this problem are faulty wiring and bad contactors.

Other problems that can stop your HVAC unit from working include dead capacitors, dirty outdoor and/or outdoor coils, or other damaged HVAC components. It should be noted that you can prevent most of these problems if you can hire a professional for regular HVAC maintenance.