While it may take a while for debris to build up and form a blockage on the drains, the signs become apparent as soon as the problem has started taking its toll. The earlier you identify any plumbing problem, the less complicated and less expensive it is to fix it. Also, identifying blocked drains early enough helps you avoid emergency plumbing issues that can cause havoc in the middle of the night. Learning more about the signs of blocked drainages in Brisbane will help you take action quickly by hiring the best plumbers to fix the issue before it gets worse.

Water draining slowly

The most apparent sign that indicates blocked drains is when water drains slower than usual. As a homeowner, you can notice when your sink, bath, toilet, or shower drains water slower than expected, and that is an indication that you have blocked drains. In worse cases, the water will not drain at all.

If it is only one fixture, for instance, your sink with such a problem, you probably have one blocked drain specifically in the pipe connected to that fixture. However, if there are a couple of fixtures experiencing the issue, you have multiple blocked drains or, most probably, the sewer line. When you learn more about how water drains around your fixtures, you can quickly know when it drains slower than usual.

Such a problem occurs if debris and dirt are clogging the pipes preventing normal water flow. Since the water has to filter through the blockage, that affects how quickly the pipes can drain; hence, you should call for plumbing services before the problem worsens.

Foul smell coming from the drains.

A foul smell emanating from the drains is another dead giveaway that your drainage system is blocked. That means the pipes are holding dirt that has already begun rotting, causing a foul smell. The smell can emanate from your toilet, sink, bath, or even the shower and be worse when you turn on the taps. The odors may occur before you see any visual signs, so it is best not to ignore any foul smell in your house that you cant readily identify.

Unusual noise from the drains

If you hear gurgling sounds from drains, pipes, toilet flushes, and plug holes, it is an early warning sign. That means air is trapped in the pipes by the blockage. When the water tries to find its way through the blockage, it pushes the air up through the system, causing a gurgling sound.

Toilet not flushing

The toilet is a good indicator of blocked drains since it has the most direct path to the main drainage, or it uses the biggest drain pipes among all the fixtures in the house. You may notice that the water levels are low in the toilet, but when you flush it, the water rises and then flows back again. That is a telltale sign that there is a blockage in your main drain.

Call a plumber

One easy way of identifying where the problem lies is to identify if your neighbors have the same problem with their pipes. If that is the case, the problem may be at the main sewer, and if not, your plumbing system may be compromised. When you notice blocked drains, the best thing to do is to call a drain-clearing expert to fix them.