The way your house is constructed from the outside is as important as the inside of your home. The fact is that your house’s outer space generates excellent memories. For instance, you might be a frequent host of outdoor parties and barbecues. If this is the case, then the outer area of your house will play a crucial role in providing comfort to you and your guests. The inclusion of decks is an essential future investment. It is something that will add value and convenience to your house. Read on to learn more about the importance of adding a deck.

Cost vs. Long Term Benefit

According to the magazine of JLC Group, the inclusion of deck along with built-in benches and railings is on number four when it comes to the most valuable project of your house. It is also one crucial milestone for homeowners looking for improvements. The report generated by JLC Group’s magazine also indicates the financial percentage of money homeowners with decks can recoup. According to the report, the average cost of a deck is nearly $13,333. In contrast, the average resale of the deck will be around $10,000. These statistics indicate that homeowners with decks can recoup up to 75% of their investments.

Expansion of Square Footage

The inclusion of a deck differs from adding another bedroom to your living space. However, the addition of a deck expands the square footage of your house, which means that it will impact the resale of your home as well. Not to mention that the addition of a deck is more affordable than an actual addition to your house’s square footage. From the outside, the addition of a deck might seem expensive. Still, according to experts, it is worth the investment for the future.

How can a deck decrease the Value of your House?

Improper construction of the deck can also lead to the devaluation of your house. The cost implications for deck construction is usually high. Therefore, it is essential to have it constructed in the best way possible. This means that loads of caution ought to be taken into consideration during the construction of the deck. Several problems can arise due to improper deconstruction. Let us have a look at some of the devaluing issues below:

1.      Improper Deck Construction

If the deck is wrongly constructed, it is unsafe and dangerous. For example, if the ledger of the deck is at a significant distance from the house, it is unsafe. The closer the ledge is to the house, the sturdier the deck will be. Improper deck construction will not only make you uncomfortable but also decrease the value of your home.

2.      Wrong Size

Another crucial aspect of deck construction is the size and stability of its footings. Every deck needs reliable support from the ground. If this vital step is overlooked during the construction of the deck, it will cause the deck to be unstable. The wrong-sized desk footings will fail to support the deck. At the same time, the weight will not be effectively distributed, decreasing the value of your house.

3.      The Use of Nails

 When nails are used in the deck construction, you will have to deal with the risk of the loosening of the nails. In such a case scenario, the deck will fail to serve its purpose. If you want to increase the value of your house, make sure to use screws instead of nails during the construction of the deck. Screws are not only a safer option, but they also make a sturdier foundation for the deck.