Being a homeowner is an opportunity for investment. If you buy your house and do some improvements, when you go to sell it again you could potentially turn in a sizeable profit. Conversely, if your home is in a worse state than when you first bought it, you’ll lose a significant amount of money. Naturally, this means that home renovations are in order. Investing in new roofing is an excellent place to begin because this significantly affects the aesthetic appeal and cost efficiency of your home, therefore upscaling its value. But what are the different roofing options available to home renovators and what are the advantages of them? We’re going to be talking you through the answer to this question, so read on if you’d like to find out more.

Pitched Roofs

A popular home renovation is converting a flat roof into a pitched roof. Flat roofs are completely horizontal and typically made using factory-built sheets of synthetic rubber or polyvinyl chloride. In the short-term, flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs but are much more expensive regarding their long-term maintenance because they’re prone to water damage. They’re also less attractive. Pitched roofs, however, are weatherproofed because of their triangular shape which allows water to run off them. This means they’re also stronger and sturdier with leaks less likely to occur. Their look is more classical and sophisticated, too. If you want to upscale the value of your home, then converting your flat roof to a pitched roof is one option for you.

Roof Replacements

Before going to sell your home, you’ll want to ensure everything is in top condition. This includes checking your roof because it might have reached the end of its lifetime and need replacing. If you don’t, your home will look tired and require maintenance, which could put buyers off. Tile and slate are perfect materials for roof replacements. Slate roofing has always been popular because it’s durable, attractive and made using slate from local quarries, meaning its texture and colour are unique to the original geographical location. Tiled roofing is also great because it’s able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Better still, replacing your roofing can improve its thermal efficiency and so it is a good option for home renovators. Check out companies like which specialise in roofing to see the advantages for yourself.

Installing Skylights

If you’re a home renovator, you should seriously consider installing a skylight for your roof. Skylights bring warmth and sunshine into your home, making it look bigger and brighter and therefore more attractive. They can also increase air circulation in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, so they’re less suspectable to mould and stuffiness. As they provide natural light, there’s less need to use electricity, so they could decrease your home’s energy consumption, too. This means that they can add considerable value to a property.

These roof improvements are relatively affordable and simple to do, making them perfect for a renovator who wants to make a profit from selling their home.