Joyce Kilmer once profoundly said, “I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” That sturdy bunch of green foliage makes any space more aesthetically inviting—pleasing, especially during autumns in Utah.

Sadly, sometimes they can also cause problems that lead to more significant issues—that is, if homeowners don’t pay attention. Here are four things trees can do to a home:

  1. Damage the Sewers

Just because homeowners cannot see them doesn’t mean sewers are still in excellent condition. Depending on the quality of the pipes, they can become corrosive because of water exposure. They can age and develop wear and tear, leading to leaks.

Sometimes they burst because of trees. Like other living things, trees need sustenance, and their roots will always try to find a source. Those that grow close to sewer lines might end up tapping into the contents of the pipes.

All the roots need is a tiny hole. Over time, these roots expand until the pipes cannot hold them any longer.

When this happens, homeowners need to call a sewer line repair expert in Utah ASAP. Otherwise, they can cause backflow in the toilet and flooding on the streets.

  1. Invite Termites

Termites love to feast on dead wood, although some species also prefer live trees. Since these insects can multiply fast, they can damage living trees quickly as well.

In Utah, termites are often subterranean, and that can be a severe problem. They don’t create mounds, but they dig underground, creating tunnels that allow them to connect to nearby houses.

Once they penetrate the home, they can dine on wooden foundations. Sometimes they can be covert enough that homeowners won’t notice them until the infestation is severe.

The possibility of termites doesn’t mean that homeowners should avoid planting trees. However, they might want to get rid of the stumps. They can also plant trees farther away from the home’s foundation.

  1. Destroy the Roofs

Trees can grow up to many feet, and their branches can extend up to several meters. When they are close to a home, their leaves can end up in roofs.

As they accumulate, these leaves hold a lot of water, causing them to rot. That’s not all. The roofing material can also experience the same thing, creating holes that lead to leaks.

If a homeowner cannot maintain their roofing, this problem can worsen that the only option is to replace the shingles. It will cost them a lot of money.

  1. Cause Accidents

Tree-related injuries are more common than people think. A 2009 study revealed that 36% of children below 19 years old suffered from a fracture, usually because of a fall. Meanwhile, the risk of head injuries is higher among kids five years old and above.

Although it’s normal for kids to play outside, parents need to practice tree safety. These include getting rid of stumps and pruning.

Let’s be clear: trees are not the enemies here. The world remains a better place with them around. However, they also need some care and attention. Otherwise, they can cause damage to property and injuries.