If the coronavirus pandemic has given us anything positive, it’s time to think…Time to think about our lives, our friends, our families, our city of Hamilton, oh, and our homes and just how much renovations there are to do!

Spending more time around the house may have opened your eyes to some new renovation or construction ideas. Now you are thinking about rebuilding the deck or adding a new addition or home extension to your home… These and other value adding projects may require a hiring a professional construction company from Hamilton, and that’s okay!

While we’re thinking about it, here are some of the most important value-adding renovations you can make to your home. (These are great ideas for any homeowner in Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington and beyond!)

Add a Pergola

While you may not know the word “pergola” you’ve almost certainly seen one.

Pergolas are the (often wood) structures that look something like gazebos, but they have either an open top or a sail top. Pergolas make a great addition to your backyard, your gardens as well as a covering structure for your grill or other high-traffic outdoor areas. Take a stroll through any Hamilton neighborhood and you’re sure to see many pergolas on people’s decks.

While pergolas are mainly ornamental, that does not mean they can’t serve a purpose. Beneath an open-roof pergola, you can add outdoor seating, or even hang a hammock. You can put just about anything under a sail-based or pitched pergola that will provide shelter from the elements.

The price of a pergola can vary greatly. While a simple pergola with a minimal construction can be pretty inexpensive, there are more elaborate options that can cost much more. Often times, a pergola can add a lot to the aesthetic of your yard or garden, which can improve the value of a property.

Most fence and deck contractors are able to design and build a pergola for you, though you may have to ask specifically to be sure.

Build a Pool

While pools don’t always recoup their price in terms of overall home value, they will certainly bump up how much your house is worth. Besides their financial value, pools are also one of the best home features for those with active children or teenagers in the Hamilton area.

If you live somewhere with nice warm springs and summers, there are few things nicer than being able to take a cool dip in your own pool on a hot day.

And, if you have kids, they will spend hours and hours splashing around and having fun that does not involve sitting in front of a screen… We need more activities like this!

The decision to buy a pool should be based on what you and your family want and if you can afford it because, if you think a pool is going to significantly improve your home’s value above and beyond what you paid for it—you are probably wrong. It is a recreational investment, where the ROI is measured in fun and joy, and maybe a little extra value on your property.

Add a Privacy Fence

Build a privacy fence to go around your pool, patio, backyard or just your deck. A privacy fence can look very attractive and is relatively inexpensive. Not only that, but it also serves the practical purpose of shielding you from neighbors close to your property.

Though you may be friendly with your Hamilton neighbors, that doesn’t mean you want them to be able to see everything you do… “I’m in my swimsuit, Mary, leave me alone!”

Do Some Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is one of the most underestimated ways to dramatically improve the appearance of the exterior of your home.

Whether you are adding a fresh coat of the same color paint or picking something totally new, exterior house paint is relatively inexpensive and can make more of a difference in how your home looks than just about anything else for a comparable price tag.

One thing people sometimes forget about is to repaint their shutters. Freshly painted shutters really make the front of your home pop. You can even just paint your shutters and then leave the larger areas of your home’s exterior as it is. Such a move should still have a substantial impact on the overall appearance of your home.

A good paint job is one of the most important things you can do to increase the value of your home. When it comes to selling your home, one of the few technically minor things that potential buyers have trouble looking past is a bad or old paint job.

Even though it would be easy for a potential buyer to repaint a home he or she is looking at, for some reason, people have a hard time seeing past it. It is just like with cars, even if a car has a great engine and interior, if the exterior looks bad, scratched, or whatever else, potential buyers will have a hard time looking past it.

This book is all about the cover J

Home Addition

Now here’s the big one. If you have been puttering around your home during the coronavirus pandemic to discover that things are cramped because you simply do not have enough room… Well then, it may be time to consider upgrading your home by building an addition, or extension.

Building an addition onto your home is no simple task. There are regulations governing additions, and you cannot just put whatever you want, wherever you want, you need to follow local and provincial guidelines and building codes. Make sure to check, as your project may require a building permit from the city of Hamilton.

When it comes to these kinds of changes, you are going to want to hire a general contractor who can help advise you on pricing, contracts, permits, building, and more.

Depending on the nature of your addition, it may or may not add value to your home. For example, if you put in a small addition—like, for example, a new bathroom—it could dramatically improve your home value because listing a home on Hamilton’s MLS with two bathrooms versus three bathrooms can be a significant change in pricing.

If you make a build a larger addition like a new office, bedroom, living room, or anything else you might need, in many cases, it may cost you more than the value it adds to your home. Again, though, when it comes to renovating a home you own, there are more considerations than just “will this make my home more valuable?” You also need to think about whether or not your changes will make where you live better for you and your family.

If the answer is yes, and you can afford it, what better time than now to make changes to your home while you are around to supervise and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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There you have it, some of the best, value-adding renovations you can make to your home. Whether you are planning on selling or just want to make improvements for you and your family, the final thing to remember is that it’s always a good thing to do your research and receive multiple quotes if you are hiring a contractor or builder in Hamilton.

There is a big difference both in price and the quality of the finished product between a good and bad builder. Good luck!

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