Wohooo festival of colors – Holi! Has almost arrived at your doorstep filled be lots of planning to celebrate and enjoy mouth-watering dishes. No doubt everyone use to be excited enough to play this beautiful festival with their relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. but one thing which can reduce your happiness is your home will be full of colors, which can be a bad stain and destroy the beauty of your home.

Playing Holi is always an enjoyable moment for everyone, but after that, getting rid of colors is always a challenging task, that’s why it’s vital to protect your home, that you just moved into with help of movers like AssureShift or any other from Holi colors. If you are not using organic colors, it can cause severe damage to your home’s interiors and exteriors and leave permanent stains everywhere, which will completely ruin your house. As you can’t stop anyone not to use colors in front of your home as everyone will be in a crazy mood to enjoy the festival which you will never want to spoil.

But no need to be stressed due to thinking about how to protect your home interior as well as exterior from color stains, as we are available with best guidelines which will help you to keep your home clean by enjoying the most awaited festival of colors. Let’s have a stepwise look on how you can make your home walls, furniture, floors, etc. secure from the effect of Holi colors.


Walls are the most sensitive part of the home when it comes to Holi colors. Be it wet or dry, if damaged, painting the walls after Holi colors could be a posh affair. One of the safest idea to protect your walls is to get an anti-stain varnish applied before the festival. Another trick is to cover those parts of the wall, which can be more affected by a durable plastic cover. While these techniques are time-consuming, they provide the utmost safety. You could also keep your furniture against the wall to protect them from any unnecessary touch, which can cause stain on the walls.

What if affected: In case your wall does get damaged, you must take immediate action and wipe them with a mild mixture of bleach and water to clear all stains from your beautiful walls.

Doors & Windows

The door and window of your home is the first and foremost thing which gets in contact with the colors after playing Holi, leaving color stains on it. As door and window knobs are the first thing you touch when you move from one room to another, which will damage your walls ad window colors due to lots of different colors on your hand.

 What if affected: You can put Turpentine oil or Mustard oil on the knob 1 day before Holi. The oil coating will keep it stain-free, you can also use plastic gloves to avoid direct contact of colors on your doors & window so that they will clean as new!


We understand that it’s quite difficult to protect your floor from colors during Holi. If you have marble floor tiles, its always best to avoid playing indoors as the colors could get challenging to remove them. You could safeguard the most accessed part of the floor by spreading old newspapers, to make a pathway from your main door to the bathroom, this smart idea will help you to enjoy your Holi by keeping your floor safe from any stains.

What if affected: Always remember if dry Gulaal falls on your floor, never make mistake of using water to clean it, not even a wet cloth, as it will definitely leave a stain on your surface; it’s good to sweep it with broom immediately. Remember to clean it up before someone walks over it and spreads it all over the house. If in case the wet color spill on the floor, remember to absorb the color quickly with the help of a mop or a cloth. You can also use strong detergent to get rid of permanent stains on your sparkling floors.


It’s evident once you are fully colored, the very first thing you will do after entering your home is run towards the bathroom to have a bath. Bath will assuredly remove your colors from your body but will make your bathroom surface stained. While bathing, remember to avoid touching the fixtures directly and wear a plastic glove instead to avoid any color stains on taps and basins. You can take a tub bath so that your bathroom does not get stained, and you don’t have to waste time and effort sitting and cleaning everything after Holi.

What if affected: The best and an effective way to protect your bathroom fixture is by applying petroleum jelly on the accessories or use liquid detergents to remove the stains.

Holi is celeberated in India by playing with vibrant colours- spraying water, flowers, drowning in thandai, playing dhol- exhibiting Kusthi, song & dance, gorging on Gujiya, and Holika Dahan. But in Delhi it is celebrated more playfully and many events are executed.

Below are some famous places in Delhi where you can play holi:

  1. Balam Pitchkari
  2. Holi Sangria 2019
  3. Holi Moo Festival
  4. Holi India Color Festival
  5. Rang Leela
  6. Unite Holi Music Festival

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Removing colors stains from wooden furniture is a tiresome task, and it can decrease your festival excitement; therefore, it’s better to cover all your Home furniture with old bedsheets, sarees, curtains, etc. to maintain the beauty of your furniture. If your furniture has become wet due to water Holi colors, then it will become a breeding ground for the mold and fungus.

What if affected: For the dry color, broom it or vacuum it off. But for the water-based stains, remember to soak the furniture in water with the white vinegar. Never forget to wipe it off with a cotton ball after 15 minutes to make your favorite furniture sparking as it was early.

At last, we would like to tell you Prevention is always better than cure, the longer you take to get rid of the stain, the harder it will be to remove it, and you be free from all the stress of cleaning a messed house. We hope the guidelines mentioned above will help you to make your home ready for the upcoming Holi so that you can enjoy every moment with your loved ones without any fear.

We wish you happy and safe Holi