It sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? There are all sorts of moving parts when it comes to a house sale, and most of us concentrate on chains, decorating in neutral colors and all of the other wildly popular ideas that are mulled around.

Something that never grabs the headlines is the power of scent. Put simply, this is something that a lot of experts have found works like a charm when it comes to selling a home.

In some ways, it started with bread and coffee. One of the earliest tricks in the book was to brew coffee, and bake fresh bread, just before any potential suitors for your home were arriving. This smell was supposedly enough to convince them that your property was homely, and worth at least thinking about making an offer in the future.

However, the landscape has developed even more over the last few years. Now, all sorts of scientific research has been invested into scents, and the results are interesting to say the least.

For example, a study by Eric Spangenberg at Washington State University revealed that so-called complex scents are going to do nothing but hurt your chances of a sale. Admittedly, this applied to the retail environment, but the rules are very similar. What is classed as a complex scent? Something like chocolate or vanilla is the prime example – as this works to distract a buyer. They are actively trying to distinguish the scent, rather than focus on the home itself.

Instead, citrus, fresh laundry and plants are some of the best methods. It would be fair to say that the latter is one of the easiest things to implement. We all know about the power of flowers from both a scent and appearance perspective, so including them in several rooms can help your plight. On this note, we found that Avas Flowers offers good options to boost the natural scents in your home, and there are a lot of Avas Flowers coupons doing the rounds at the moment. Take a look at the Avas Flowers Twitter page for more information.

Then, it’s all about keeping on top of the obvious. We don’t need to point to any scientific journals this time; we all know that is something smells bad, it’s not desirable. In the case of a house, there’s every chance that a would-be buyer will be put off.

All in all, this perhaps highlights how the smaller details matter. Before getting your paint brush out, just stop and think if you really are offering a good first impression to potential buyers, as issues like the smell of your home can be the tipping point in some cases.