Vinyl window frames first hit the market in 1979. Before this, the window market was dominated by aluminum and wood frames. While these older window frames continue to be in use, they’ve become a small part of the window market. Vinyl windows became the dominant product because of their numerous advantages. But what exactly are the advantages of vinyl windows? Here are 6 benefits of vinyl replacement windows.


Vinyl windows are durable; they won’t rot or be eaten up by termites, and they won’t mold like wood will. They’re also less likely to be dented or otherwise damaged by a thrown ball or windblown debris. Modern vinyl windows won’t warp or crack on exposure to the elements. Furthermore, vinyl windows won’t degrade on exposure to heat or ultraviolet light. This allows them to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

If you replace your old windows with vinyl Energy Star rated windows, you could lower your energy bills by up to 15 percent. Vinyl windows don’t transfer heat the way aluminum windows do, and that’s aside from the range of vinyl windows with multiple panes, low-e coatings or thick insulation.

Vinyl windows are environmentally friendly in another way, too; the frames can be recycled, and the windows you install may be made from recycled vinyl or PVC. Vinyl windows are definitely a better choice in cold climates, as aluminum is not the best choice for insulation. On the other hand, it won’t get as hot as aluminum in the hot summer sun either.

The Wide Selection

Vinyl windows can be made into almost any shape. This means you aren’t limited to fixed rectangular panes. You can get vinyl windows that are triangular, crescent-shaped or simply in an unusual size. You can choose windows that slide out or open so that they’re easy to clean from the inside. Vinyl window manufacturers usually make vinyl windows in the classic colors while having a few bold colors available.

However, you can have custom windows made in almost any color and size. For example, companies like American Vision Windows will have a variety of vinyl windows in stock. They specialize in low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows. These vinyl windows, for instance, include low-e coated glass and gas fills that offer an even higher level of insulation. They also offer metallic and non-metallic warm edge spacers to keep the window panes the perfect distance apart.

Reduced Maintenance

You can order vinyl windows in the color of your choice; this eliminates the need to paint them so they match the house’s color scheme. Vinyl windows don’t have to be painted or stained every few years, either. They resist UV, so they won’t fade over time. Nor will they peel, since they don’t need to be painted, though you can paint them a new color if you want to change it. A side benefit of vinyl windows is that the color they are made in goes all the way to the core. This means scratches aren’t as obvious.

Cleaning vinyl window frames is also extremely easy. You can clean them with nothing but a vinegar solution and a damp cloth. Just add 7 parts of distilled water to 3 parts vinegar, and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Spritz the solution on the window frame and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the solution down in a circular motion.


Vinyl windows are one of the cheapest window options on the market. This makes designer vinyl windows an affordable option when you can’t afford fancy traditional windows. The versatility of the material means that your neighbors may not know that your replacement windows in a historic neighborhood aren’t wood. Not only that, but they’re also very easy to customize, and you can paint them on your own if you want to, even if you have limited skills.

The Improved Quality of Life They Provide

The excellent energy efficiency of vinyl windows means you can enjoy the sunlight without having hot or cold spots next to the window, yet the vinyl windows can improve your quality of life in other ways. Vinyl doesn’t just insulate against heat; it also insulates against sound. This means that vinyl windows will help dampen outside noise, and you can choose vinyl windows engineered to perform even better in that regard. Because the vinyl window frame won’t sweat like an aluminum frame, you won’t get mold growth on the window frame or damp spots in your house.

A surprising number of homeowners remain reluctant to upgrade to vinyl windows. However, you can’t afford to put off installing vinyl windows in your home. They have tons of benefits for homeowners and could be a great low-cost way to improve your home while allowing you to save in many ways as well.