When you want to lease warehouse space, it is always good to take note of the important tips that will help you avoid serious frustrations. The space required will depend on your business needs. You may want a warehouse space for your distribution or manufacturing or storage or even for the service industry. Make sure you consider the type of product you are dealing with before you choose the space.

If you are stranded and you do not know the steps to take to be able to lease the space for your warehouse, this article is for you.

Check on the drainage and sewerage system of the area

This is a very key factor to take note of when leasing space for your warehouse. Leasing is a long term agreement and if you’re not careful with the drainage and sewerage system, then you could suffer for a long time since the owner may transfer the whole responsibility to you. Poor drainage and sewerage system means that once it rains, water and sewer can enter your warehouse and lead to a health hazards.

Check on electricity supply

Before you lease the space for your business, it is always wise to consider the electric supply in the building. If you are not sure the amount of electricity in the building and whether it can help support your need, call the electrician to monitor for you. The correct amount of power should be installed before occupying the warehouse to avoid burning the transformers and items in your warehouse.

Check on parking space

Before you commit to sign the lease document, inspect the parking area to see whether it will serve your business needs. If you are dealing with transportation business then a big parking space will be required for the big Lorries and other items and containers.

Take note of the responsibility for repairs and replacement.

There should be a clear understanding between you and the owner on who will cater to the damaged items in the room. In many cases, the landlord is supposed to repair and replace all broken items and accessories in the room before he or she quotes the price of the warehouse space.

Take note of the responsibility of the maintenance of the property.

It should be made clear of who will bear the cost of maintenance of the property to avoid confusion and misunderstanding that may arise the contract is signed and you have already begun using the property. This agreement should be put in writing and certified by both parties for future reference. Get reliable commercial property queens who have the right size of the warehouse space that you need.

Check on legal requirements

 Before you sign the contract, check whether all legal requirements connected to the building are already up to date and all land rates have been paid, failure to which, you could be in problems with the relevant government authorities.

The above are surefire tips to use when you are leasing warehouse space for your business. Before you sign the contract, you must do a good research of the location, accessibility, and space.