Looking for a pool contractor is not as simple as some may think; it takes a lot of time and dedication to finding that reliable one who will give you the best services. There are thousands of pool contractors in the market today and most of these are ‘fakes’ who will give you false promises and once you make a down payment, they disappear or just do some shoddy job. You must do your groundwork properly and get a professional who will give you quality services at an affordable fee.

Below are some things you need to look out for when hiring a swimming pool contractor

Get a local pool contractor

 You may never know the importance of working with local companies until you have an emergency and you need someone to come to your premises. Having a contractor within reach ensures that you have someone to attend to you in case of such a need. Compare the websites of the local company and look for designs and styles that appeal to you. You can pick several and invite them for an interview- make the hiring process as competitive as possible so that you get the best.

Look for a certified Pool Contractor

Before you hire a pool contractor, ask them about the staff CBP certification. This is awarded to individual staff to show that they have been trained extensively and approved to carry out such work. Having a certified and licensed contractor gives the confidence that you’re dealing with someone who understands the whole subject of pool construction, different flooring types and the art around the subject.

Get referrals

One of the best ways of ensuring that you get the right swimming pool contractor is through friends and relatives. Ask for referrals from your friends who have experience with some contractors. You can trust your friends to refer you to someone reliable. Remember it’s not about the training only but also experience.

Agree in writing

A swimming pool is such a heavy investment that you cannot hire a contractor by the roadside and expect an excellent job. They may promise to do a great job only to frustrate you later. Whatever you agree, put it in writing- get a quotation of the construction materials, the type of flooring that is appropriate for your pool design, get a receipt for every purchase. Simply put- go to the details of everything. Do not wait until a mistake happens; let the swimming pool contractor commit in writing so that if they don’t deliver their promise, you have a document to fall-back-on.

Insurance coverage

Before you engage that swimming pool contractor, you must find out if they have a liability cover, workers’ comprehensive insurance, and state contractor’s insurance. This covers you in case your property is damaged or a worker is injured. Without the insurance coverage, if anything happens, you are responsible- this can be very costly to you.

When looking for a swimming pool contractor, you have to be careful to choose one with good experience in the work. Check the company’s portfolio to find out if they have accomplished jobs of the same magnitude as yours. Avoid newbies as much as you can, they could frustrate you.