Hoarding is defined as a psychological disorder wherein a person has the urge to collect different types of things and keep them for an extended period. For some, they think that hoarding has something to do with being sentimental, but there are deeper and more serious reasons why specific individuals become certified hoarders.

If you have relatives or friends that are known hoarders, it is essential to help them get over their situation. You may talk to them and recommend professional help. Also, hiring credible junk haulers is necessary to help sort out and get rid of the trash that can cause more significant problems in the future. Here are some of the reasons why you should address hoarding as a mental problem, and some of its known side effects.

People can get seriously ill

Keeping too much stuff inside the home can be dangerous to your health. If you have a weak immune system, you can contract allergies from molds, which can grow in dark and damp areas. Do not be surprised to discover different insects such as fleas, bugs, and cockroaches crawling in different places. In worse case scenarios, you would be able to see areas that are infested with rats; their urine can cause a deadly disease known as leptospirosis once it gets in contact with an open wound.

Hoarding can cause serious injury

Most of the hoarders are unaware of the severity of their problem. Some have a hard time accepting the fact that there is something wrong with their current living situation. It is essential to educate them that hoarding can cause serious accidents, which puts them and other people at risk. They could easily slip on the floor or step on sharp objects that can cause deep wounds.

Hoarding can cause anxiety

Hoarders usually love to acquire stuff that they do not need or intend to use. They always think that they might need these things in the future. Anxiety usually creeps in once other people try to talk them into letting go of stuff that keeps growing inside their house. They often cry and hold on tight to their possessions because of many reasons. A psychologist should be able to help the person deal with the situation through counseling.

Hoarding can cost relationships

According to research, there is a big possibility that hoarders often get in trouble with family members. They usually end up picking fights with their families because of the hoarding situation that creates a stressful environment. Some kids are even embarrassed to invite their friends to come over and visit because of the current state of their house.

Lastly, hoarding can be very risky for health workers. It is usual for some people to visit homeowners with hoarding issues. Their health can be affected by their surroundings. Should they decide to clean the surroundings, it would be best to wear protective gear like boots, gloves, and masks for their protection.  

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/organizing-clutter-chaos-457785/