Dubai real estate agencies offer a wide array of properties for your home prospect needs; from a studio unit to a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom unit, they’ve got you covered. But, before you make the ultimate decision of purchasing your dream home whether from the villas for sale in Dubai or new projects by DAMAC, or Bluewaters apartments, you must evaluate first the liveability of the place.

Here is a checklist that will help you reach a suitable decision and avoid buying a money pit.

  1. What you want

Begin the checklist by enumerating the must-haves of your future home. Either you want a spacious kitchen, picturesque view from the veranda, high-ceiling, etc.; it’s up to you to decide. Make a 5-10 list to use as a guide for your ideal home setting.

  1. Hazards

You must consider first and foremost the safety of your abode, before ultimately deciding for your future home. You must take into account these four environmental hazards for a safer abode for your family.

Physical Hazards

Is the place susceptible to earthquakes, floods, drought, and pollution? If so, is the place strategically located in an area where you can easily get help? You may want to consider looking for another property if the place is prone to physical hazards that may risk your safety and your family as well.

Chemical Hazards

Look for chemical hazards that may simply be found in paints, wallpapers, pipes, and other areas in the house. Lead and Radon are dangerous chemical hazards that are detrimental to your health. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to live in a house where you are constantly apprehensive about you and your family’s health status.

Psychological Hazards

Check if the property belongs to a stress-free and violence-free community. It would not be good to live in a community where you are continuously nervous about the safety of your neighborhood.

Biological hazards:

Evaluate if the property you are considering has a good air ventilation to avoid feeling a so-called sick building syndrome.


Check if the location of your property is more accessible to your workplace, public transport, shopping malls, retail outlets, dining spots, and so on. Also, you must check if the location of your prospective property is strategically located near emergency exits in case of an emergency.


Carefully inspect the exterior of the house like the driveway, patio, fence, and garage; check if it needs repair. You must also check if the drainpipes and gutters, roof, windows, automatic doors are still working flawlessly.


Meticulously inspect inside the house the electrical wirings, lightings, electrical sockets, mystery switches, etc. Check if it needs fixing or a total repair. Also, do check if the carpet or wall paint need to be refurbished. It is a must that you thoroughly inspect all around the house especially in the bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Assess carefully especially with regards to electrical and water aspects of the house, to avoid unwarranted accidents.

You can also customize your own checklist that fits your needs and wants of an ideal home. Always remember, it is your right as a buyer or a renter to have a thorough inspection of the place before sealing a deal. Should you think the place is a total money pit, then you can ask for assistance from any Dubai real estate agencies that will assist you in finding your perfect humble abode.