Smart amenities are a core part of the smart apartments. Smart apartments that are making life convenient, more comfortable, and enjoyable are growing in demand in recent years. The Gateway Green Apartments are one of the most preferred apartments because of its smart amenities. They help in automating the routine tasks, saving money, and making life more exciting. Some of the popular high-end amenities offered by most smart apartments include:

  • Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has become a common amenity at the smart apartments. It is a perfect blend of convenience and cost-saving elements. With the remote control option, one can easily change the colors, dim the brightness, and customize the lighting as per the requirement. Controlling costs and ensuring energy savings becomes easy with smart lighting.

  • Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are one of the most desired amenities of Gateway Green Apartments. They help in making smart apartments more energy efficient. By allowing the residents to make suitable adjustments, the smart thermostats offer the residents an opportunity to control climate remotely. Effective management of heating and cooling help the residents in bringing down energy costs. Being connected to a smart apartment platform, it also allows the manager of the apartment to keep a note about the HVAC systems of the entire building.

  • Smart Locks

Security is of optimum importance for the residents. The smart locks help in enhancing the security for the dwellers of the smart apartments. The smart technology enables keyless entry into the apartments with the use of mobile apps and touchpads. Smart locks also keep the log details of entry and exit of the apartments, thereby taking security to another level. It is undoubtedly a robust system that keeps the resident alert about when their door is opened.

  • Smart Access Control

Smart access control is another amenity that ensures optimum security for the residents. It helps in monitoring the entire property. It is useful in keeping track of who is entering and who is leaving the different units of the Gateway Green Apartments. Smart access control helps in enhancing both conveniences as well as security for the residents and staff of the smart apartments.

  • Voice Control

Some smart apartments even have advanced amenity of voice control. It is one of the highly demanded smart home technologies. It helps in making smart apartments more interactive. With voice control systems, the residents can have easy access to information like utilities, maintenance requests, and rent.

  • Smart Appliances

When it comes to the smart amenities of the smart apartments, smart apartments cannot be left out. With smart appliances, the residents of Gateway Green Apartments do not have to worry about reducing energy consumption and maintenance needs. Starting from the smart TVs to other advanced smart appliances, the smart apartments enhance the living experience of residents.

  • High-SpeedWi-Fi

The high-speed Wi-Fi is the most popular amenity offered to the residents of the smart apartments. It helps in providing excellent connectivity to the residents. Starting from downloading music to conference calls and streaming movies, all can be done conveniently with the high-speed connectivity.

  • Pet-friendly Amenities

Smart apartments not just offer luxurious living to humans but also provide smart amenities for pets. The Gateway Green Apartments have special facilities for pets like a pet spa, pet parks, and more. It helps in making the living experience even better.

  • Fitness Amenities 

Fitness has become essential for most people, especially the youth generation. To meet the growing fitness demands of the residents, the smart apartments offer fitness centers, yoga classes, and other fitness classes within the unit.

  • Well-Equipped Kitchen and Dining Spaces

The smart apartments also equip the kitchen and dining spaces with modern equipment like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and more. With well-furnished kitchen countertops, they help in enhancing the beauty of the apartments.

  • Sporting Facilities

To keep the residents engaged, the smart apartments also offer different sporting options. The smart apartments provide tennis courts and basketball courts to keep the residents refreshed. They also provide game rooms to help the residents spend their time in exciting games.

Apart from the luxurious amenities mentioned above, there is much more than the smart apartments offer. With the high-end amenities, the residents are sure to experience a better lifestyle.