The kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be as complicated and time-consuming as it seems. A sensible, well-planned subtle remodelling can be as efficient as a full renovation. Not to mention that with a little common sense you can spare lots of money. Making small renovations yourself is like bonding time with you and your home.

Although if you decided to make any major changes involving a full replacement of cabinets or removing a wall — consult it with a trusted constructor! Especially if you’re newly moved into an older house or haven’t renovated your household for more than 10 years. Things, like changing kitchen mixer taps, deco tiling or repainting, you can easily do all by yourself!

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To get help or not?

First thing you have to think carefully about is on what scale you want and actually need to remodel your kitchen. If you only want to refresh the space — try to prove yourself!

If the renovation is going to involve an advanced room expanding or plumbing control — stick with your strengths and call for professionalists! Since it’s horribly difficult to find solid and honest constructors, make thorough research among trusted people. Choosing just any constructor or renovation crew, you may end up with unfinished Mixer Grinder kitchen complications and neverending expenses.

Doing the renovation yourself

The decision is made — you’re becoming the construction master at your home! Take your time, don’t rush into spontaneous projects, and don’t force your dream ideas if they don’t fit your kitchen in 100%. Compromise!

E.g., you’ve always dreamt of a kitchen breakfast bar but you don’t have enough space. And that’s all fine! You don’t have to get the exact bar you saw on some interior design blog. It’s a great opportunity to wake up your creativity and think about what you can build instead. Let’s see… how about folding countertop by the kitchen window?

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Remodelling budget

After needed consultations and controls take care of the exact numbers. Renovations can swallow up money at an extraordinary pace. Make a solid plan, decide what is necessary and what could wait for a better financial moment. Leaking sink and cupboards falling apart are probably more urgent than new pretty tiling. Put extra ideas onto a reserve list.

A general rule of calculating the budget is to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario and add up to 15% extra to the final amount — just in case. Surprises are wonderful but maybe not when it comes to unexpected extra costs.

Affordable and sustainable

Before going to a store with building supplies, take a walk to a thrift store and check facebook groups or websites for local exchange of goods and services! Second-hand means more environment-friendly.

Make new lampshades out of old wicker baskets or glass jars. Found a gigantic piece of wood that looks like a countertop? Why not look for someone with a saw and build new cabinetry. For cabinet doors, you can use e.g., old wooden window shutters or sew small curtains instead of doors.

DIY home improvements make you think more creatively, especially if your budget is limited. Make the small amount of money into an advantage, though. Such a renovation event creates the sense of a real quest and integration among the members of your household.

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Engage your kids

Home improvements aren’t a dangerous construction place. Your children can get involved in designing the kitchen, as well. Renovating with your kids will form their ability to independent thinking and boost their self-esteem.

What can your kids do? Basically everything as long as you can watch them! Although, you rather want them to avoid knives, saws or drilling machines.

My kids absolutely love taking down wallpapers and painting walls. I actually always hear the kids out because they have absolutely amazing and unconventional ideas. Besides, it’s their home as well. Such a way of involvement makes them feel more responsible for their space and belongings.

We refreshed together our kitchen cabinetry — we painted it together and they made wonderful new doorknobs of clay. They also decided that the biggest wall in the kitchen should be a giant blackboard. Chalk paint is accessible nearly in every basic crafts store!

Let’s get the adventure started!

Hopefully, our article encouraged you to take the first independent step into the renovation world. We’d love to hear your stories and see your DIY kitchen improvements! Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us. Maybe you have a significant tip or an original idea that we missed? Let us know!