Small homes are great because they’re cozy, require less attention in regards to cleaning and maintenance, and they typically offer a better rent price too. But to make your small home look as spacious, light and beautiful as possible, it’s vital you pick the right furniture pieces. And that’s where we come in! Here are the seven best furniture pieces for small spaces.

Vertical shelves

Vertical shelves are a great option for small spaces. They essentially maximize the vertical room on offer, plus they look stylish too. Shelves are ideal for storing your prettier items, think classic books, ornaments, and small plants. Hidden drawers are better for concealing documents and other items that you don’t want on display in your home.

If you are low on budget, check out Apartment Therapy’s design-savvy IKEA bed-slack hack, which offers tons of vertical storage opportunity and only costs ten bucks. Genius.

Furniture with built-in storage

Seriously – you can’t have a small home without built-in storage! If you are moving into a new home or buying furniture for your new home, it’s essential that you buy pieces that offer built-in storage. For example, pick ottomans that can serve as seating but also storage for the kids’ toys, bedding or shoes, or storage benches that you can stack shoes or large items underneath.

You’ll find lots of coffee tables with built-in storage, and in the bedroom, beds with drawers are a game changer!

Recliner chairs

Wide, spacious living areas are a luxury these days – especially in expensive cities – but if you have a small apartment, you’ve still got the right to come home and kick your feet up. That’s where small recliner chairs come in.

Small reclining chairs (or wall hugger recliners that don’t require much space at the back) bring a host of health benefits for those with body aches or back pain, plus they’re a great alternative to a larger couch.

You’ll still be able to choose from a huge range of styles, (check out this range of recliners on sale), but you also get the benefit of choosing from a host of different functions too. Who else would like a massage recliner in their lounge?!

Nesting tables

Possibly one of the ultimate space-saving solutions, nesting tables are great because you can stack one on top of the other and then just bring them out for use when you need them or are entertaining. You can also still use them when they are stacked, and they’re perfect as side tables for holding your drink or snacks.

Corner cabinets & desks

Every home has corners so why not take the advantage of it? Cabinets, shelves and desks can all fit neatly in corners, taking up minimal space and offering much-needed storage.

Space-conscious dining tables

Having a small home does not mean that you cannot entertain groups of friends or enjoy the in-home dining experience. The best dining tables for those with small spaces are those which allows chairs to move in and out and also have extending capabilities. Look for a sleek expandable table that can be stretched out to seat more people – great for occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving!

Transforming Furniture

When you have limited space – think studio apartments – transforming furniture is another game-changer. For example, Murphy Beds can be used as desk also when folded, or you can find beds which can be folded up and transformed into a couch for the daytime. Finding furniture that offers multiple functions can add a huge amount of square footage to any space, large or small.

So, there you have it! Seven furniture pieces which will add function and/or square footage to your home. Liked this article? There are also some clever interior design tricks you can use to create the illusion of light and space.