Heritage-listed? Height restrictions? Not sure if you have enough space? Struggling with council approval? Choosing the right patios and decks can feel like being between a rock and a hard place. Choosing the right professionals to build patios and decks in Sydney can be just as tough. It doesn’t have to be though!

Australian home is synonymous with patio and deck (at least we think so!). Since the first residential homes were built in Australia, patios, decks (or verandahs) have been a standard feature. They’re the ‘outside room’. The spot to host guests, to fire up the BBQ, to get the spring potting done and so on. In the absence of a patio or deck, the carport doubles as the outside patio.

Future-Proof Your Patio or Deck

Sure, you could DIY your own patio or deck and hope for the best. More often than not, you’ll be glad to have employed professionals. You’ll avoid all DIY disasters (and the family never letting you forget the time you nailed the last board on the new steps…only to realise the dog is under the house with no way out).

You’ll also have a guarantee and a warranty on the materials and work done. Furthermore, the job will be done much quicker than on the odd weekend you have spare! Enjoy your time on your new patio or deck!

When it comes to heritage-listed sites, professionals are a must. Patios and decks are possible add-ons if done correctly and to Council requirements.

Space – What are the Options?

You may be surprised at the space you actually have and what you can do with it. If you only have space out the front and are worried about privacy, professional designs can help. Contact Outside Concepts, your local patio and deck builders who can provide you with well thought out.

What do you do when a patio or deck out the front or the back of the house is not possible? Look at clever carport designs, whether in Sydney or other cities around Australia. On small lots, carports are often multi-purpose area. They act as a carport during the week. On the weekend, they can transform into entertaining spaces, woodcraft and gardening zones, and more.

Guarantees and Warranties

When you are investing in your number one investment, don’t compromise on experience and quality workmanship. Guarantees and warranties should cover the materials and the work completed. But! If the materials and workmanship are excellent, you won’t ever need the guarantees and warranties. Talk to professionals who offer guarantees and warranties purely because they are so confident in their work, they know you’ll never need them for repairs or replacements.

Patios and decks in Sydney (or wherever you are in Australia) are brilliant, value for money spaces. Getting a qualified professional onboard is a fail-safe choice. Get to the enjoying part of your new deck or patio sooner – you deserve it!