Having a wardrobe is the first step towards having a clean and organized home. Having the right type of wardrobe is vital as it not only helps keep things organized but enhances the whole aesthetics of your room.

Corner wardrobes are one of the perfect ways to keep your clothing in a small room. They come in all sizes and shapes making them ideal for a small or big room. You can either have one built to fit the dimensions of your room or buy a ready-made one. Regardless of how small your room is; you’ll benefit from having a corner wardrobe.

Here are the reasons why a corner wardrobe is a good choice for a small room

  • Neat

Corner wardrobe is a good choice as its style matches functionality. Customized corner wardrobe adds elegance to the small room and meets its major requirements. With storage needs catered for, your clothing will be neatly organized in one place leaving the rest of the room better organized and tidier.

  • More space

Room corners are often underutilized while fitting furniture in a small room. Corner wardrobe takes advantage of that space and turns it into a prime storage area. They can have more depth than standard wardrobe space; a benefit while trying to create more storage in the small rooms.

  • Compact

A corner wardrobe has impressive dimensions while at the same time, it’s very compact for a small room. Instead of taking up space in the middle of the wall, this wardrobe only fits in the corner as its name suggests. Thus, helping maximize space in a small room and free up space for more furniture.

  • Design

Corner wardrobe has an impeccable design with no sharp corners with more space. It is valuable for a small room as you can’t be hurt by the corners. It also improves the aesthetic perception of the interior, elevates the room’s length, giving it a comfortable outline.

The market has numerous corner wardrobe designs to meet your needs. Look out for those designs and pick one that will function the way you desire and still fit in your small room.

  • Functionality

A corner wardrobe will function just like the standard wardrobes. Your clothing and other belongings will fit in the same way and you can also add shelves, hanging rails and drawers to maximize its space.

  • Customization

You can opt to have a customized corner wardrobe. It will be custom made to match your desire. It will be fitted to the size of your room with your preferred color scheme and theme to match your space. For instance, it can include modern sliding or bi-folding doors as they don’t require much space to open, beautiful wood tones with stylish handles.

You can also choose to have a mirrored corner wardrobe door as it creates an illusion of a larger room. Besides, it offers a full-length mirror without taking up the valuable floor space.

  • Lighting

Your corner wardrobe can be an excellent source of lighting; in a small room. You can have one designed to include light fixtures. Go for spotlights in at the top of the wardrobe and the interior shelves include LED strip lights. They will make it easier to locate clothes in the deep shelves and drawers, saving time and energy.

  • Inexpensive

Compared to other types of wardrobes, corner wardrobes often cost less. You can choose one that matches your preference and budget.


Before buying or customizing your corner wardrobe, it’s important to take note of all your needs. There are many choices to choose from. Pick the one that suits your storage needs and home décor. When needed involve a professional to help decide.