No one wants pests in their house. You spend years building your house, and having these unwanted guests around your house can cause immense damage to the property. No matter how clean you keep your house, pests can find a way to enter through various spaces. 

Besides property damage, many pests are harmful to human health. They can be a potential cause of spreading diseases to humans as well as pets around in your house. Therefore, it is essential to opt for an Exterminator Control in Gaithersburg Maryland, who can understand the pest problem you are facing in the house and eliminate them permanently. 

However, there are various methods of pest control you must be aware of. Knowing different pest control methods will help you pick the right one and ensure the best results. 

  • Traps 

Traps can be used to capture animals such as rodents, snakes, and birds. However, traps should always be placed in areas that are out of reach for children and pets.

  • Exclusion 

This method blocks access points that may allow pests into buildings or homes by sealing gaps in external walls and screens around vents, doors, and windows. This prevents entry from outside sources but does not eliminate existing infestations.

  • Repellents 

Chemical repellents can be used to deter pests from entering certain areas by emitting odors or tastes that pests find unpleasant or even toxic. Repellents should be applied carefully and usually require multiple treatments before being fully effective.

  • Poison Baits/Fumigation 

These methods involve using poison baits or fumigants to kill off existing infestations by exposing them to lethal chemicals directly via bait boxes or indirectly by filling an enclosed space with toxic fumes from burning combustible substances such as methyl bromide. Both methods should only be undertaken cautiously due to their high toxicity levels and potential danger if mishandled.

  • Biological Control

Introducing non-native species into an environment that prey on other species can act as natural predators and help control populations of certain pests. However, this method needs careful consideration as it can have unexpected consequences on the balance of other native ecosystems if an introduced species starts to spread too effectively.

How do you know which pest control method is right for you?

Various pest control methods offer the best results. However, we always recommend going with a professional service who can help you understand the different options properly and help you choose the right one, depending on the problem you are facing.