Are you ready to take your current kitchen and remodel it into the kitchen of your dreams? The kitchen is the most used room in a home and is the most desired remodeling space for many. A kitchen remodel is usually done for functionality and aesthetics. When you are looking to start your kitchen remodel you need to take your time and do your research. You will have a successful remodel by planning and preparing. Even with all the preparation, things can happen, so let’s look at some of the most common mistakes you can avoid. Working with a licensed contractor will be your greatest help, but you should stay on top of the project and watch out for these common mistakes.

Design Changes

This goes along with your planning and preparation. You want to be extremely thorough so you can avoid design changes. Design changes are costly and extend the timeline of your project. You need a complete plan before you start tearing anything apart. Consider your traffic patterns and how all the appliances open and close to make sure there are no logistical issues when you are using the space. Once you have a clear design plan, take some time to think about it and maybe consider other opinions before finalizing and going ahead with construction.


Dallaire Realty, Green Bay WI Real Estate Team says, “Lighting is a massive part of any room remodel, but especially your kitchen. The lighting components in your kitchen are vital to the workspace and you want to make sure they light up the room properly and are easy to clean. Pay attention when you are selecting your lighting fixtures and make sure that replacement bulbs are easy to find. As you design your cabinetry, decide whether you need lighting inside of them or even under them. Don’t forget to have lighting above the sink and over the island. These are two of the most used spaces than commonly get forgotten when it comes to lighting.”

Style Errors

You want to pay attention to the style you are going for while you are selecting all of your colors and finishes for your kitchen remodel. You do not want your home to clash with your kitchen. You might love several different styles but you want to stick with the overarching style of your home. This should be in all of your choices, down to the knobs or handles on the cabinetry. Be consistent with your design and you will find that your remodel is harmonious with the rest of your home. This always increases your overall home value as well.

In Conclusion

Home remodeling projects are super fun, rewarding, and a lot of work. Consider these common kitchens remodel mistakes as you plan out your dream come true. Work with a trusted and knowledgeable company that can provide you with their expertise as they come alongside you every step of the way. For more information on home remodeling projects, contact us, we would be happy to assist you in making all your dream home ideas come true!