Trending Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is not just for cooking, it is also a place where numerous, happy memories are created. If you are not happy with the way it looks, you should hire the best kitchen remodeling contractors in your city for a face-lift. For Frisco and Dallas residents, there are many experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Frisco who will give your kitchen a new look that can exceed your expectations. Since kitchen renovation is not something done frequently, it is important that you choose ideas that reflect your personality and help make your kitchen an inviting place to share quality time with your family and friends and is an opportunity to be completely unique and different. Following are trending kitchen remodeling ideas that are worth taking into consideration.

Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an excellent way of utilizing space in the kitchen. It creates a functional space for meal prep and acts as a casual dining space too. Unlike countertops, a kitchen island allows people to have a conversation with friends and family while working in the kitchen. The number of people using the kitchen should be kept in mind to determine the size of the island. A perfect size would facilitate comfortable walking in the kitchen without hindering other activities. You can get marble and granite or other materials installed as the kitchen island to highlight your personal style.

Install Uncommon Storage Spaces

Don’t limit the storage to cabinetry and kitchen Islands, install uncommon storage spaces in unexpected places. Mounting floating open shelves on kitchen walls is a creative way to use the space for hanging or placing and showing off beautiful cutlery like cups, glass, jars, pots, and vases. You can also try ceiling-mounted racks with hooks for aprons, and skillets.

Install Modern Appliances

Installing modern and advanced appliances is not only great for cooking, but they also beautify the kitchen space. Cooktops, air fryers, coffee brewers, and vent hoods in stainless steel, black hardware, or chrome finishes are some examples of unique appliances that can be used for a sleek-looking kitchen.

Invest in a Tile Backsplash

With plenty of colors, designs, and sizes available, tiles can completely transform the backsplash and enhance the overall look of the kitchen. Not just beautiful, tile backsplashes are low maintenance and moisture resistant and offer the opportunity to highlight designs in the kitchen with unique colors and patterns. For instance, in a kitchen with a simple white color scheme, a sophisticated color like gray would go seamlessly as a grout option for the tile pattern of your choice. If you are uncertain about the choice of color, discuss it with your kitchen remodeling designer for more input.

Try Creative Cabinetry

Cabinets make a statement by setting the tone of the kitchen as they occupy a big chunk of the kitchen space. One might replace standard rectangular and square cabinets by experimenting with more unique cabinet options. Try bold cabinet designs and color combinations or try things like modular cabinets, frosted glass, pull-out drawers, custom wood trims, or even metallic cabinets for a more industrial look. The options with unique, custom cabinets are endless when looking for innovative and creative solutions during a kitchen remodel.

Final Word

You can try the above-mentioned ideas for an excellent kitchen makeover. If you are renovating the kitchen from scratch in Frisco or Dallas, get in touch with the leading home remodeling company in the Frisco region that covers all aspects of kitchen remodeling from countertops to cabinets that give you the best results for your space. Get a quote from a reputable contractor with proven expertise in home renovations and construction in Texas.