After bathrooms, kitchens are the rooms which get renovated the most by homeowners because they tend to get run down and become outdated easier and quicker than all the rest. Depending on the size of the project, the makeover can take anywhere between a couple of months up to a year, making it a really massive undertaking which requires a clear plan of action and organisation.

Like any remodeling project, it has the ability to boost your house’s market value significantly as well as give you a fresh and new feel while also improving efficiency. In order to do a complete kitchen makeover can be a rather lengthy and difficult process where some obstacles may occur during it and due to its complexity, you must have a structured and well-designed guide. That is why here at House Sales Direct, we have created the ultimate kitchen makeover guide which will help you through the steps of your remodel.

1.   Get Inspiration and Set Realistic Goals

The first and probably the most enjoyable and easy step in your kitchen makeover project is gathering ideas and inspiration about the new design. That is when you can indulge in a scrolling session on Pinterest and create a mood board with all your favourite layouts, designs and decorations. You can consider the materials used, the textures and fixtures around the kitchen and anything else you might want to add or exclude from the existing one. No matter how exciting this may be, it’s important to make these goals realistic and ensure that your room has enough space to accommodate everything you wish while also considering whether you will be doing these things or if you’ll be hiring a professional. Either way you would want to make sure you set realistic goals either for yourself or the contractor so that you are not left disappointed at the end.

2.   Create a Budget

An essential part of the project is setting up a budget so that you can have an estimate of the amount of money you will need to make your dream kitchen come to life. While this figure may be difficult to calculate so early in the process, it’s beneficial that you know what your limits are. That could help you make decisions easier and prioritise certain things over others. What’s more, if you are hiring professional help, you might want to know what your ceiling is for the service so that you can negotiate a price that is beneficial for both parties involved.

3.   Research and Hire a Professional

While you may be able to do some of the tasks and DIY bits of the project, if you are planning a complete makeover, it is highly likely that you will need a professional contractor. We would recommend researching and considering at least three candidates for the job early on in the process because they may not always be available and when they are booked up, it can take months until they become available again. Be mindful of the prices you are given and the offers you accept because most often than not the lowest price may not be your best option even if you are tight on the budget. You need to familiarise yourself with things such as the materials they will be using and then make an informed decision.

4.      Source Your Products

Once you have secured a contractor, you can get prepared and purchase any new appliances you might need for the kitchen. Make sure you communicate and discuss these with your hired help as they have to know the measurement and position of everything in the room. For further down the process, you will have to get things like sink faucets, cabinet hardware, lighting, flooring and countertops which will start giving you new kitchen a more finished look. Sourcing all the products you will need in advance will help the contractors to do their job quicker without waiting for certain pieces of equipment to arrive so that they can carry on with their work. It will also help you be more relaxed throughout the process so it’s definitely worth it.

5.   Construction Time

It’s now time to start the demolishing and begin the construction works on the kitchen remodeling. One thing to remember is setting up a temporary kitchen somewhere if you are going to stay in the house while the project takes place.

6.   Finishing Touches

Once your kitchen is looking ready, it’s time to add the finishing touches which will make the unpersonal and bland new kitchen look like your own. Any decorations or simply unpacking your personal belongings and kitchen gadgets will leave your new kitchen ready to be used once again. You can now enjoy your cooking time spent in the kitchen of your dreams.

These six steps are the essential and simplified guide to creating a highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing kitchen makeover that you have probably planned for way too long now. So get started and you will enjoy your new cooking space in no time.

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