Who says you can’t revamp your home on a shoestring budget? We understand that painting your home or installing wallpapers are big financial decisions which require you to shell out a significant amount of money. Renters often avoid installing an expensive stick-on wallpaper into their space as it is difficult to peel off when they move out and don’t justify the exorbitant prices they come for.

That is why you need to consider installing wall stickers in your space. They are cheap, easy to apply and remove and above all, they don’t require you to hire professionals to apply them on your walls.

What to keep in mind while installing wall stickers? 

  • It is important that you thoroughly clean the surface on which you are planning to apply the wall stickers
  • Make sure that you pay attention to the existing home interior design before you go shopping for wall stickers
  • Remember that ‘Less is more when it comes to wall stickers so avoid using too many wall stickers in a single room
  • You can make it a fun activity and include your kids while you decorate your home or their room with fun wall stickers

Wall stickers by Asian Paints 

Asian Paints is known for its impressive selection of wallpapers which are based on different themes. Whether you are looking for a wall sticker for your kid’s room or your office, Asian Paints has a wall sticker that is perfect for you.

Different types of Asian Paints wall stickers

Cartoon wall stickers 

Whether you are looking for superheroes, Disney princesses or Lion King wall stickers, Asian Paints has them all and more. People who are looking for vibrant wall stickers for their kid’s room which will inspire them to seek adventure and be courageous like the cartoon characters they look up to must consider checking out Asian Paint’s cartoon wall stickers.

Quotes wall stickers

Not a big fan of patterns or designs when it comes to wall stickers? You can shop for motivational quotes and quirky word wall stickers. These wall stickers are perfect for your living room, study room, home office or breakfast nook.

Devotional wall stickers 

Looking for creative ways to decorate your pooja room or want to add an element of spirituality into your space? Buy devotional wall stickers from Asian Paints of Indian deities and stick them on your walls. You can either go for something minimalistic or choose a statement sticker which can be the showstopper of your pooja room or living room.

Mandala design wall stickers 

People who want their home to be a sanctuary that emits a serene and Zen vibe can consider choosing mandala design wall stickers for their home. These wall stickers are ideal for your living room or your study room. People who have bohemian houses or minimalistic houses can consider using mandala design wall stickers to adorn their walls.

Botanical wall stickers 

It’s no secret that nature has the power to soothe and de-stress you. That is the primary reason why nature-themed home interior design is a hit amongst homeowners. By introducing botanical-themed wall stickers into your space, you can instantly make your space emit a calm and grounding energy. Visit the Asian Paints website and get your hands on their nature-themed wall sticker collection which consists of birds, trees, leaves, flowers, branches and animals.

Asian Paints wall stickers come with a special glue that ensures that you don’t damage your walls while peeling off wall stickers. These wall stickers are easy to install, and they stand the test of time. Don’t know which stick on wallpaper to install in your space? Browse through the Asian Paints website and find an endless array of gorgeous and quirky wall stickers that will instantly add character to your space and allow it to tell a tale of its own.