There’s no doubt that the split level home designs in Australia is one of the most popular home designs. The split-level design is so popular because it allows for a large living space, as well as two separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

However, if you’re considering adding this floor plan to your home, there are some things that you should consider before making any final decisions.Many homeowners have discovered the benefits of creating a split-level home. A split-level home is an ideal solution for those who want to maximize their space and create a comfortable, functional living environment.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with 5 tips for creating the perfect split level home. These tips will help you make your dream a reality and add value to your property at the same time.

1.       Know Your Needs

The first step when designing a new home is knowing what your needs are. If you want more space than what’s currently available in your current home, then this will be one of your top priorities. However, if you don’t have much room and need to pack things into less square footage than normal, then something else may be more important than having more living space.

2.       Remember proportions

When designing your home, remember that people spend most of their time in their living rooms and bedrooms. That’s why it’s important to keep proportions in mind when deciding on what materials and colours to use. If you want something that looks elegant and sophisticated, avoid using bold colours or patterns on walls or furniture. Instead opt for neutral tones like off-white or Gray or even black accents like velvet curtains or leather sofas.

3.       Choose Your Flooring

The first thing you need to decide on is your flooring. If you have hardwood floors or carpeting that you want to keep, then choose an area rug that complements the colour of your flooring and adds texture. If you’re going with tile or stone, think about using a patterned rug or an area rug that has a design element to it.

4.       Add Accent Pillows

You don’t have to have a lot of pillows in order to create a great look; just add an accent pillow here and there as needed. This helps balance out all of the furniture in your home and gives each room more visual interest (and personality!).Plants can add so much life and beauty into any room of your home — especially if they’re placed strategically around furniture areas or near windows where sunlight can shine through them.

5.       Build Your Home on A Foundation That Supports It

If you want your house to last for years and years, then it’s important that you build it on solid foundations. The foundation should be strong enough to support all of the weight of the home and its occupants without caving in or cracking under pressure. Otherwise, cracks might appear in floors or walls that could lead to more problems down the road (like water leaks).