Ethanol Fireplace Insert

From an idea ignited by the humble spirit stove, ethanol fireplaces may be the ‘most current’ of the fire mediums. Still, they are surely making a buzz all over the planet and continue going through an astounding evolution.

An ethanol fireplace, otherwise called an alcohol fireplace, is a fireplace that utilizes ethanol as its fuel source. Ethanol fireplaces are still moderately new, so many inquiries must be asked. Like a conventional fireplace, the ignition of a fuel source will produce heat; however, involving ethanol as a fuel source comes with a lot more benefits.

Buyer interest is driven by the search for more eco-friendly fires that fit with hospitality, residential, and business spaces. The versatility of ventless ethanol fireplaces (they do not require a chimney) has been installed in thousands of homes, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, resorts – even luxury ships!

What is Ethanol or Bio-Ethanol?

Bioethanol is a fluid biofuel produced through the fermentation of various plants like soybeans or corn. The most distinctive characteristic of bioethanol is that it is a sustainable fuel (in contrast to gasoline and other fossil fuels).

Bioethanol produces clean flames and doesn’t deliver hazardous gases and harmful material. Thus, ethanol fireplaces do not require vents or chimneys. They can also be positioned where you wouldn’t typically have a fireplace, like on a balcony or an apartment.

Because of these qualities, a freestanding ethanol fireplace is extremely flexible and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Freestanding bioethanol fireplaces, wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces and hanging ethanol fireplaces generally have stylish and lovely designs.

Types Of Ethanol Fireplaces

  1. Zero-clearance fireplace inserts (such as wall-mounted or partial-wall-mounted fires, fires set beneath flat-screen TVs, fires within cabinets, recessed fireplaces, fires within kitchen island benches, pillar-style fires, fires used as dividers, or as room connectors)
  2. Ethanol Burners
  3. Freestanding, portable ethanol fireplaces
  4. Built-in ethanol fires
  5. Firepits
  6. Fire pit kits (for a tailor-made fireplace)
  7. Fire tables

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Suppose there is already a space for a traditional fireplace with your wish to move up to the eco-friendly, clean-flame advantages of an ethanol fireplace. In that case, a ventless fireplace insert is an ideal solution. Ethanol fireplace inserts can be put into an existing closed-off fireplace with easy installation, giving new life to old wood-burning fireplaces.

Dissimilar to expensive gas fireplace installations, there isn’t any reason to perform any major reconstruction. An insert can add significantly to the solace of the room while being priced similarly to a freestanding ethanol fireplace.

On the other hand, the fireplace insert can transform the ethanol fireplace into a single or double-sided highlight wall. This style of an ethanol chimney is otherwise called a “hole in the wall’ ethanol fireplace.

Benefits Of Ethanol Fireplace

Beautiful Designs

Keeping you warm is only one component of a freestanding ethanol fireplace. It additionally can change your space and warm of heart with its shine of beauty. Bio ethanol fireplaces are beautiful, enhancing your area and increasing the worth of your property.

Freestanding fireplaces have various finishes- shiny steel, transparent glass, or matte black are a few examples. You also decide on different elements and design specifics that improve the fireplace’s allure much further.

Some bioethanol fires come outfitted with optional stainless steel log sets, optional protective fire screens, and protective covers.

No requirement for a chimney

The ethanol fireplaces need a simple construction, and because of the fuel it utilizes, there is no need to install a chimney. You don’t even require a significant installation. You don’t need to consider maintaining flues or checking out for gas leaks in the case of a gas fireplace.

You don’t need to think of maintaining up flues or venting or cleaning them. Numerous landowners permit the ethanol fireplace however frown at the wood-burning and gas fireplaces due to the incessant maintenance processes that must be done if they don’t want fire destroying their property.

Easy to install

The Ethanol chimney is a portable one, as it doesn’t need any major installation. There is no requirement for a specialist to invest time in the installation of the fireplace like that of the gas fireplace. It is a mobile fireplace. You can opt for the freestanding version that requires no installation but mere coupling together.

As the fuel burns cleanly and releases no smoke or fumes, there is no requirement for bioethanol fires to have a vent. It makes them extremely easy to install and much more flexible regarding where they can be placed. You can even move it to the patio.

Eco-friendly fuel

Ethanol, called ethyl alcohol, is a safe and non-poisonous substance created from plants like sugarcane, corn, and switchgrass.

Remember that ethanol emits a small quantity of carbon dioxide due to the plants’ high absorption of this gas. Still, the amount of carbon dioxide isn’t higher compared to the amount present in human breath. Carbon dioxide produced by ethanol is a lot less than the amount released by most petrol-based fuels.

Also, ethanol fireplaces do not generate any toxic emissions which might compromise human health. Therefore you will appreciate good quality air in your room. As a result, ethanol fireplaces are an ideal decision for most apartment dwellers that don’t have instant access to fresh air ventilation.

Flexible Design

Ethanol chimneys come in various styles and sizes, ranging from walled-in fireplaces to portable and even spherical fireplaces. You can find a wide variety of ethanol fireplaces to choose from.

It is feasible to use an ethanol fireplace indoors and outdoors since it is portable. You can install your fireplace anywhere in your home, on the patio, outside the pool, or on a wall mount inside. It will be an effective source of heat.

Ethanol Fuel Availability and Durability

Ethanol fuel is available in hardware stores and online. When shopping for ethanol fuel, it should be specified on the label that it is designed especially for fireplaces. Bioethanol fuel comes in premeasured, safe containers that are not difficult to store and will not expire.

As these flames run on bioethanol fuel, there is no requirement for any additional power or fuel sources from gas and power, which assists with reducing expenses and keeps everything refreshingly simple.