2 room BTO renovation

A 2-room Flexi flat is a popular living option for young professionals and couples because it’s practical and affordable. But despite these advantages, a Flexi flat also has its setbacks, especially in terms of size limitations.

Learn how to overcome this challenge and make the most of the space. Take a look at these ideas below.

Replace Swinging Doors with Sliding Doors

One of the easiest ways to maximise space is to switch out conventional swinging doors with sliding alternatives.

The typical doors are not the most space-friendly option out there. They usually eat a lot of valuable space, thus limiting your movement and furniture choice. You need to get rid of them and replace them with something better.

Sliding doors are incredible because they’re both functional and stylish. They accomplish the same job as swinging doors by demarcating different rooms and providing privacy without hogging that much-needed space.

Tear Down the Walls

Another great idea is to hack down the walls to create a more open space layout. It will reduce the barriers and add more space to your otherwise tiny apartment. But before proceeding, make sure that you consider your options.

Typically, the best walls to hack are those in the common area, like the space between your living room and kitchen, because they offer good space. Also, they provide additional room to entertain guests. However, if you still want to have that similarity of clear-cut division between areas, you can opt for less bulky partitions like sliding doors or glass door dividers.

Add Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

One downside to hacking walls is that it’s an added cost. If it is not within your budget to do so, the second-best alternative is to create the illusion of space.

Incorporating floor-to-ceiling mirrors on your walls can visually double the size of your room instantly. But to achieve this effect, you need to be strategic in your mirror placement. To help you out, take a look at some helpful tips below:

  • Establish a focal point and set the mirror facing it to accentuate the room’s best features.
  • Consider the source of natural light. Mirrors are great at reflecting light to make the space brighter and more spacious.

This particular idea is not limited to your common areas; you can also apply this to your bedroom and bathroom to make the space appear spacious.

Use a Pull-out or Foldable Dining Table

If you’re living alone or with one roommate, you can go away with the conventional dining table. Not only is it bulky and space-consuming, but it’s also unnecessary. Instead, try incorporating a wall-mounted table or an extendable pull-out table. These will serve the same purpose while giving you great Flexibility in using your space.

Most foldable and pull-out tables can fit four to six people, so it’s perfect even if you have guests.

Install Platforms Where Possible

The last idea is to install platforms around your property. Although you may think that installing it is another means for adding storage space, it’s much more than that. It can serve as additional sitting areas, and sometimes, they can double as beds. So, if you need more room to lounge around while keeping your place clutter-free, installing platforms is the way to go.

Engage with Interior Designers in Singapore

The simple solutions always make a big difference. With these design ideas, you can embrace the space you have and make the most of it.

For professional assistance, contact a Singapore interior design firm to help you transform your compact Flexi flat into a more spacious home. Getting interior design services in Singapore can get the expertise you need, who can effectively enhance the functionality and style of your home. You may get a 2 room BTO renovation package for your renovation project today.