A key part of your bathroom’s design will be installing a high quality bathroom mirror. The bathroom and the bedroom are the two most important rooms in the home for placing a mirror, as this is where we dress, groom and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. There is much to consider when you search for a mirror for the bathroom, and here is our brief guide as to how you can make sure that you get the selection just right.

  Mirrors Placed Above a Sink

There is no hard and fast rule which says that you have to, but the large majority of bathroom mirrors are placed directly above the sink. This of course makes perfect sense when it comes to shaving, washing, applying creams and styling hair. If you do plan to add a mirror directly above the sink then the golden rule here is that you do not buy a mirror which is wider than the sink itself. There are very few examples of a bathroom mirror looking good when it is larger than the sink. The mirror can however be smaller than the sink unit.

Height of the Mirror

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the height of your mirror, is that it is a foot higher and a foot lower than the head of the person who will be using it. If you have a family and there are a lot of different sizes there, the best bet is to get a mirror which can really stretch to accommodate everyone.  

 Mirror Cabinets

Mirror cabinets can be a great idea, as they kill two birds with the same stone. Here you will have a great looking bathroom mirror that can also open up and reveal a good storage option inside. The only thing to be aware of here is that rusting can happen on the corner of the mirrors, where wet hands are consistently opening up the unit.

 Additional Features

If you are prepared to shell out a little extra on a mirror then you can pay for some additional features which will help you to get the most out of it. For example, there are some mirrors out there which have heated de-misters, which will ensure that you can use the mirror right out of the shower. Another option is to buy a mirror which incorporates LED lighting, which can look both stylish and help you to better illuminate the reflection of the mirror. LED bathroom mirrors are nice features to have, but not absolutely necessary.

Shapes, Frames and Lighting

There are some other aspects to consider when buying a bathroom mirror, such as the shape of the mirror, the use of frames and how to use your bathroom lighting best with the mirror. In terms of shape and frames this is going to be heavily dictated by the general theme which you have in the bathroom, pick your style independently and then look to buy a mirror which works best. In terms of lighting the only important factor here is that you don’t have a bulb pointing directly at the mirror, which will cause glare when you look directly at it

When choosing your bathroom mirror, be sure to follow these simple tips in order to help you make the right choice