Are there any small closets in the house that you consider inefficient, inadequate, or useless? Closets that are often overlooked or underutilized in homes include the coat, utility, hallway, and linen closets. Although these spaces are not easy to use, they can add a special touch to your home.

French Refinery strongly recommends paying attention to these spaces. These closets can be fun to design and offer many organizational and storage ideas.

People often take note of the storage space in their homes when they start to do home improvements and clean up. You might think “Wow, this closet is too small” or “I should’ve designed it more spaciously!” But these tiny spaces are full of potential, even though they may not be obvious at first.

How do you store more in such small spaces? Let’s answer this by looking at more space options!

A compact closet usually has at least 12 to 18 inches more interior space than the door frame. Many closets have interior “sides” that are often overlooked. French Refinery will help you to make these empty spaces useable while still being accessible.

These areas can be used in a “tiered” manner. These narrow spaces are often best served by shelving or drawers. These are three great tips to make your closet more functional.

Pro-tip #1

To make the closet more functional, you might consider taking out the doors if the closet has drawers. This is possible while still maintaining a clean appearance by using attractive, consistent bin storage.

Pro-tip #2

A folding stool is an important item that you should keep in your closet. Access to higher shelves is possible with this item. A folding step stool can be folded up and stored in your closet.

Pro-tip #3

Do not forget to leave space behind if you have a closet door. A hook or organizer that can be placed over the door can store many smaller items and free up space on the shelves or drawers.

Are you still not convinced that a small closet can work as a storage solution? Here are some closet design ideas that will transform your small space into a useful and unique place:

  • If you are close to the kitchen, you can have a small coffee/beverage shop.
  • A hobby space
  • A toy and game cabinet
  • An office supply space
  • A storage area for electronics that has a built-in charging station

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