The bathroom is among the private and personal areas of a home. It is also where self-care routine, ranging from hot soaks to face masks, happen.

This is why it’s vital to make it a place you can actually enjoy spending time in. Apart from upgrading a few decorative elements, there are several ways you may spruce up your bathroom. Some of these ways include:

1.      Consider a Tub Enclosure

Give your drop-in tub a vintage look by paneling the surrounding. To guard against rot on the wood surrounds, build a deck using plywood, top it with a sheet of waterproof laminate, and cap the edges with a solid stock.

You may also use an exterior grade beadboard plywood to build the tub’s sides and skirt its bottom with a baseboard.

2.      Think of Wall Furniture

Having bathroom furniture against your walls is an obvious way to make small rooms look bigger. To get your dream bathroom, you can use wall-hung furniture.

Whether you’re after a shower cabin with glass shower and acrylic shower walls or have a bathtub in mind, make sure every fixture is on the wall.

3.      Add Plants

Nothing can brighten up boring bathrooms like plants. They can add a beautiful pop of color while lifting wilted spirits and freshening stale air.

Plants, which do well in typical bathroom surroundings, dig warmth and humidity. Some of these plants include:

  • Aspidistra
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Spider plant

4.      Retile and Refresh

Old tiles may drag bathrooms down and leave every potential buyer overwhelmed. Although it might be a costly outlay, tiling your bathroom will have a great impact, particularly if two or three of your current tiles are damaged and cracked.

Broken tiles may also result in damages, and every savvy buyer knows it better. Seemingly innocuous cracks might mean leaks, which could mean water-damaged flooring and walls.

However, if your tiles are in good shape and still require refreshing, you may consider painting so as to rejuvenate your bathroom.

5.      Use Lighting

Lighting is one of the things, which many individuals forget about when sprucing up their bathrooms. However, you can easily and instantly recognize bad bathroom lighting if you see one. It may destroy the utility and look of the entire space.

Natural lighting, for instance, can make your bathroom feel airier and brighter. If you could, try incorporating many windows and skylights into the design of your bathroom.

If your current bathroom design is not suitable for traditional skylights, you can still consider tubular skylights.

6.      Include Towels

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with towels and treat them like arts. Elegant and stylish towels are easy to get, with many retailers stocking a wide range of luxe and affordable towels.

You can also consider online boutique shops to buy locally designed towels that most homeowners use these days.

In Conclusion!

It’s not a must you complete an entire bathroom remodel so as to give it life. Several budget-friendly expenses may instantly add and bring new life to a bathroom.

Whether you want to add plants to consider wall furniture, the above ways of sprucing up a bathroom can change up the visual plane of the room while going easy on your budget.