Transporting piano and heavy objects such as furniture can give you troubling moments during relocation. Often, individuals choose to take up DIY solutions while moving. However, it is logical to hire professional movers to streamline the process. For moving such heavy objects, you would find professional assistance valuable.

Why should you hire professionals for moving heavy items?

It is risky to move furniture and other heavy items all by yourself. Without training and experience, a lot of things can potentially go wrong. On the other hand, companies that offer professional moving services have reliable teams who can take care of the jobs seamlessly. Here are a few reasons why you might want to entrust the job to such professionals:

  1. Physical ability

Moving the furniture may initially seem easy. However, moving them to an entirely new location is quite different from moving them from one room to another. It calls for adequate physical strength and training to be able to handle the weight of such heavy items. Inexperienced handling may potentially cause accidents and injuries. It would be far safer to simply have professional movers move these belongings of yours.

  1. Equipment

You would definitely need a variety of equipment while moving heavy objects. While carrying them all the way to the truck may not be possible, dragging them along can potentially damage the items too. However, with equipment such as trolleys, one can easily move around the furniture on wheels.

While moving a piano, you might also need a piano skid board depending on the weight of the piano. Acquiring all this equipment is not only difficult, but hiring them isn’t very cost-effective either. On the other hand, professional movers who transport piano and heavy objects possess all the necessary equipment.

  1. Packing

You would have to pack almost every item while moving. However, packing the heavy objects is particularly difficult due to their size and weight. Unlike the smaller objects, you can’t simply put a bed in a box and pack it up. You would require additional packing materials, such as bubble wrap, furniture blankets, etc.

Now, it is not only a hassle to arrange for all these packing materials, but packing such objects is quite difficult too. Professionals, however, are quite experienced at this and can pack all your belongings in the best possible way. The leading movers help their clients with the entire process, starting from acquiring all the necessary materials.

  1. Special services for moving pianos

Pianos require specialised moving services. They are not only heavy, but also quite bulky and have several small parts. While moving a piano, one would have to cover the pedals and the keys with tape and blankets to prevent damages. If possible, it is better to disassemble the legs and transport them in a separate box. If it is an upright piano, you would need a piano dolly. For grand pianos, you need a piano skid board. Skid boards, again, require strapping and padding. It is essentially quite a hassle to move a piano by yourself and it would be far easier to get it done by a professional team.

Why should you trust professional movers?

When you try to move all the heavy objects by yourself, you would have to bear the entire responsibility. There wouldn’t be much to do in case the piano or any other belonging gets damaged. However, the leading movers guarantee safe transportation. They are also insured, which implies that they would provide you with a compensation if your belongings do suffer any damage while they handle it. Evidently, hiring professionals for moving a piano and heavy objects is the right way to go about it.