Whether you own your home or are renting it, it’s always a good idea to have a local plumber’s number saved in your phone. Home plumbing systems that have been correctly installed are designed to work efficiently without problems, but there’s always the risk that something could go wrong. Every year, homeowners and residents deal with a range of common plumbing problems, some of which might need an emergency plumber to be called out. The good news is that by understanding the early signs and when to call a plumber, you can often avoid a messy situation and an emergency call-out.

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Blocked Drains:

Blocked drains are some of the most common plumbing problems in homes today, from blocked bathroom drains after washing your hair too many times to food and oils going down the kitchen sink and clogging up the drainpipe. The good news is that a mildly blocked drain is often a problem that you can deal with on your own using drain unblocking solutions and DIY cleaning tools that you simply put down the drain to dislodge the blockage. More serious blockages can lead to burst pipes and backups, so it’s worth getting drain clearing Ambler PA at least once a year to keep your drains free from debris and working efficiently.


Leaks can be caused by a wide range of different reasons from frozen pipes that have cracked under the pressure to simple issues like a washer on a tap that needs to be replaced. When left unchecked, however, leaks can often cause more serious issues in your home including the formation of issues like mold if the water is leaking onto a porous surface. Hearing the sound of dripping or running water in various places in your home even when the taps aren’t running, a sudden spike in your energy bills or a moldy smell in your home can all indicate a leak.

Heating System Problems:

Keeping your home warm in the winter is important for all of us, and our heating systems work to make sure that we’re comfortable and healthy in cold temperatures. Most of us take hot water and the ability to heat our homes on demand for granted, but plumbing problems with these systems can bring it all crashing down. An old heating system is one of the common causes of a loss of heat in your home during the winter. Servicing your heating system before the colder months is important to ensure that any problems are spotted before they become serious.

Sewage Backup:

Sewage backups can occur when the waste pipes running from your home become blocked. As you continue flushing the toilet and letting wastewater down the drain, it collects in the pipes and eventually backs up into your home. If this happens in your home, professional help is usually always required since the waste can be very toxic and dangerous to your health.

Most of us trust our home’s plumbing to run efficiently, but common problems do occur. By understanding some common plumbing problems and how to look out for them, you can avoid them becoming more serious emergencies.