Air conditioning units are expensive bits of gear, so it’s no surprise breakdowns can come with a heavy cost. However, as with most things, there are repairs you can do yourself to avoid making an enormous dent in your wallet. When an AC unit stops working, we often assume it’s something extremely complicated. However, more times than not, there’s a simple solution for you to sort in no time. Throughout this article, we will outline some AC fixes to save you a fortune.

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Not A Guarantee

The steps below should be taken when your AC unit is playing up. However, there are instances where you will need the hand of an expert like those at Summerville ac repair. You should still do the following before you call them out, otherwise, you may be charged for extra services.

Deep Clean

Over time, dirt builds up in the system, which eventually shuts it down. Your unit may just need a good clean. Before you start cleaning the system, make sure you turn it off. From the outside, you can clean the fan blades carefully. Further, you can clean the condensing fins and remove any debris. When cleaning the parts, be careful because they’re prone to snapping.

Examine Ducts

For this, you will need to clamber up into your attic to ensure air is coming through the ducts. If you notice they are filthy and blocking air from passing, you will need to give them a clean. Alternatively, check that all the registers are open.

Change The Filter

Regular filter changing can end up saving you a fortune in AC repairs. When the filters become clogged, they prevent airflow, which leads to ineffective cooling. In some cases, a clogged-up filter can lead to system icing.

Melt Any Ice

When your system becomes iced, it won’t heat your home properly. The procedure is simple but can save you a fortune. For best practices, turn the system off and just keep the fans running. Alternatively, turn everything off and just let the ice melt on its own accord.

Check Breaker

When you have no power to the system at all, your breaker may have tripped. When multiple appliances are connected to the same breaker it will likely trip. You can check the breaker easily and can save yourself a lot of embarrassment. Further, you will save your pockets because you won’t be paying for pointless call-outs.

Check Thermostat

Checking the thermostat is a great way to solve problems and save considerable money. You should make sure it’s set to a temperature below room temp. Further, check the settings and make sure it’s not set to fan only. If your thermostat is battery-powered, you may just need to swap them out.

When your AC loses power or stops working properly, you can be faced with hefty repair bills. Understanding how to carry out the simple fixes above can end up saving you a fortune. Remember, these aren’t a guarantee, and you may need to call a pro out at times.