Home cleaning can be a tough chore. When your home is dirty and has not been cleaned for a while, it’s best to hire professionals by looking up “home cleaning services near me”. However, you don’t need to spend any money on professional home cleaning services if you regularly take care of your cleaning chores. The humble dish soap and warm water is all you need for household cleaning. Let’s check out why the combination of dish soap and warm water is the backbone of house cleaning:

The Details

  1. Mop your floors – Mild dish soap with some warm water can be the perfect floor cleaner. Add warm water and two tablespoons of mild dish soap and mix it well. It can be used to shine your floors in no time. As long as you have smooth non-absorbent flooring made of vinyl or linoleum, this solution is all you need. However, don’t use dish soap for cleaning wooden floors. They can absorb water and get warped or produce mold. Check with the flooring contractor before you use dish soap and water. Some surfaces don’t do well with excess moisture.

  1. Laundry – Fabric stains are tough to remove, especially if it’s stained by oil. However, dish soap and water can do the trick. Locate the stain on the fabric and rub it gently with dish soap. After that, you can wash it in hot water. Repeat the process if the stain isn’t removed in the first wash. Oil dissolves perfectly with soap and that’s why dish soap works as an effective cleaner for such stains. Moreover, dish soap is mild allowing you to use it on delicate fabrics like wool and silk. To remove oil stains from delicate fabric you need to go through an extra step. Mix one tablespoon of dish soap to a gallon of water and wash the fabric gently soaked inside the solution. Hand-wash the stained area for a minute after soaking it and rinse it in cool water.

  1. Clean appliances – Whether it’s a small toaster or a large oven, appliances need to be cleaned periodically. Fortunately, you can use dish soap on everything from blenders and griddles to microwave ovens and refrigerators. You can also combine dish soap and warm water to thoroughly clean appliances like freezers, washers, and dryers. After you wash the appliances with soap, rinse them with water and wipe them down with a dry cloth. Make sure that they are completely dry devoid of moisture before you plug them in.

  1. Clean surfaces – You can use dish soap and warm water to clean many surfaces in your home. You can use it to clean your baseboards, windowsills, countertops, non-wood desks, and more. Make a dish soap and water solution and fill up a spray bottle with it. Now you can spray that solution on the surfaces and wipe them clean. After you’re done wiping clean, take another cloth, soak it in water and rinse those surfaces. Finally, dry the surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth.

  1. Clean filters – Whether you have an air conditioner, air purifier, or water purifier. All of them use mesh layers as one of their filtration stages. With dish soap and warm water, you can clean those filters easily. Fill a tub or your sink with warm water and dish soap and let the filters soak in it. After that clean each filter with a toothbrush or a larger brush with hard bristles. Clean them thoroughly until all the black gunk and dust are gone. Finally, rinse them clean with cold water and dry them by letting them drip or use an air dryer without turning on the heat.

  1. Degrease kitchen cabinets – Cleaning kitchen cabinets is a big chore. When you cook in the kitchen, oil, and grease rise in the form of vapor and mix in with dust, smoke, and other filth. This thing later settles down on your kitchen cabinet as a form of thick and gooey grit. It’s disgusting and can be very difficult to clean. Once they build up into a thick layer, you have no option but to opt for heavy-duty cleaner solutions. Otherwise, you can prevent the problem from escalating and use dish soap and water regularly to keep your kitchen cabinets clean. Scrub off that stubborn kitchen grit once every month with dish soap and water.

  1. Clean outdoor furniture, surfaces, and more – While dish soap and warm water can be a great cleaning agent for indoor cleaning, they can work equally well for your outdoor needs. For instance, to clean your patio table, chair, and other outdoor furniture, you can mix dish soap in a bowl of warm water and use it to wipe the metal or plastic surfaces. To make the cleaning more effective, scrub the furniture with a soft nylon pad after soaping. You must reserve this cleaning method only for plastic and metal furniture. Don’t use it on hardwood or other types of wood furniture.

You can also use the same cleaning agent for the concrete slabs and barbeque grills. Increase the ratio of dish soap to water to create strong foam and use it to scrub away grease from the burner grates and grills. After soaping them and letting them soak in the foam, rinse them clean with water and let them dry properly so that you can have your next barbeque party in peace. You can even use that strong soap solution to clean oil and grease stains from your garage and driveway. Add some baking soda to make the mixture more powerful and let the stained area soak in it before you scrub it with a plastic brush. After a few hours, you can rinse the area clean and repeat the process if the stain remains.


Now that you know the numerous uses of dish soap and warm water, you would be able to keep your home neat. If you still mess things up, you can always search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire the pros.