Can you relate being so familiar with a tree in your yard, that it is hard to imagine what the yard would look like without the tree? Trees are beautiful and they offer shade, attract wildlife and add to the beauty of your property. But when a tree becomes old and starts decaying it is more prudent to opt for tree removal than keeping it. Most often it is a difficult decision to make but it is important that you look at the bigger picture.

Felling of tree is the action of cutting it down to prevent the spread of disease and ensuring safety of the area. It is important that it is carried out by specialists who will plan the task and use proper tools to remove the tree. They specialists are also equipped to properly dispose the tree in such a way that no inconvenience is caused to anyone.

Five situations when you need to go for tree removal

Of course, we never want to cut a tree unless there is a strong reason to do so. Here are some situations when you must consider calling a professional tree removal specialist:

  1. The tree is dead: While a dead tree may seem harmless and you will be tempted to leave it as it is, the dead tree can actually cause many problems and even lead to injuries. Dead branches can sometimes snap off and hit people, objects, or pets. In bad weather, the whole tree can fall and cause damage to property.
  2. The tree is infested by a disease: Pruning the infected branches of the tree must be the first step when you spot the first sign of disease. If the disease has spread to a larger part of the tree, removing it is the right decision.
  3. Tree growing awfully close to something: If the tree is growing very close to the drains, the roots can cause blockages. Large trees can cause paving slabs and pathways to lift slightly when they grow underneath them.
  4. The tree is leaning: If a tree is leaning towards one side, it is more likely to fall in case of a strong wind. In most cases, you need not worry, but if the inclination is towards something where there can be great damage, like a window it is best to either prune or remove it.

There are some obvious and easily observable reasons to remove trees. There are some not-so-obvious reasons too and an arborist can look for these issues:

  • Interior decay
  • Cracks in the tree trunk
  • Tree is too large for the location
  • Significant crowding among trees on the property

Reasons to hire a tree removal specialist

Tree removal is one task where you must never attempt to do a DIY job. Removing of tree needs special tools like chainsaw, handsaw, and ladder. Apart from the tools you also need understanding and knowledge of different types of trees and handling of diseases, decay, etc. The professionals are trained in most efficient and safest ways of removing trees. They will come prepared with safety googles and gloves. They will help you avoid risky and dangerous situations and will help in removal of branches and timber that usually create a mess.

Trees when removed properly and safely, will help you experience many benefits of tree removal like encouraging environmental diversity, reduce the risk of injuries or damage due to falling trees and prevent the spread of disease and infestation. You can keep your property safe and your yard thriving by proper tree care and on-time tree removal. Though it will seem like a tough decision sometimes, it is important you act wisely and before it is too late.